Tuesday, May 22, 2007

News Briefs May 22-07

NYT studies evangelicals in the mist

Hot Air discusses the "new evangelicals," e.g. Rick Warren. Nice to know the NY Times still considers them conservative, but some of their comments, especially about child-killing, worry me.

EDITORIALS>>A preacher's legacy
If a pastor is God’s vicar on earth, his life ought to be measured by the number of souls that he saved or at least by his effort. More here on Jerry Falwell.

POLAND: Abortion Laws Not Strong Enough For Some
More commentary on Poland's abortion laws.

To help you decide
A contributor on "Defending the Truth" [!!!] forum tries to get some discussion going on the A-Word. The poor-choicers go snake-y as usual.
"God gave everyone a conscience. Here are some pictures to help you decide if abortion is right or wrong. : Abortion NO / The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform."

Academic Apostasy
Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer of HLI discusses "Why do Catholic colleges and universities honor those who are advocates and leaders of the Culture of Death?"

Uganda: Abortion Should Not Be a Criminal Offence
Commentary by Chairperson of the Uganda Human Rights Commission on why abortion should be decriminalized in Uganda. She starts out right away with the rape and incest card.

Sometime student who claimed to be doctor, astronaut or spy fools women
How easily abortion can happen. These were "attractive, ambitious professional women." Women looking for a man in all the wrong places.

Abortion Law in Canada > Duhaime Law

Canadian law firm Duhaime Law has a concise summary of abortion law in Canada.

British Woman Under Police Probe for Possible Illegal Late-Term Abortion
An unnamed British doctor has prompted a police investigation following a 28 wk. abortion. Apparently Britain has some regulation of abortion whereas Canada has NONE.

NC bishop crusades on social issues
Bishop Michael F. Burbidge of the Diocese of Raleigh was installed in August past. It sounds like he's hit the ground running. Let's hope he pushes back hard on the culture of death there in N.C.

Christian civilization in peril!
Mark Pickup voices concerns and cites examples such as "I think we have a number of indications, beginning with abortion on demand that is responsible for the global exterminating of more human life annually that all human life lost during the entire second World War!"

Free Catholic and Pro-Life Books for Bloggers
Want to get some free books, just for posting book reviews?

Teen pregnancies drop to a new low, abortions continue decline
CP reports on a recent study. The teenage pregnancy rate in Canada has hit an all-time low and the teen abortion rate has fallen to its lowest level in more than a decade, according to a new report.

SPECIAL: State Abortion Bans and Reversing Roe v. Wade: Helpful or Harmful?
Catholic Biomedical Ethicist asks the question.

Pro-abortion politicians honored at Catholic university
The pro-abortion supporter spoke during the ceremony at the university’s McLaren College of Business. At the same ceremony, the college honored former California lieutenant governor Leo T. McCarthy, also a pro-abortion supporter. Archbishop George Niederauer of San Francisco was present and was also honoured. What's really sad here is that Niederauer was one of Benedict's first appointees.

Arizona bishops condemn death penalty
“State-sanctioned killing, whether by unnecessary use of the death penalty or by the intrinsically evil actions of abortion and euthanasia, violates human life and dignity,” the Bishops said. Of course there's doctrine and then there's opinion.

Boys & Girls For Sale
Abortion advocates’ decades-long push to deny or downplay the humanity of the unborn child is bearing fruit. Grant Swank talks about the sad developments and has a good footnote on "Abortion and the Bible."

Teen pregnancy rate for region lower than national average
The Brockville Recorder and Times reports on teen pregnancy rates and sexual perversion of the youth in their region. "We teach them about their bodies, attitudes and personal responsibility," said Futcher. "Kids need to have a knowledge about how their bodies function and all the puberty issues." This information is necessary because some kids area already experimenting by age 12, she said.


Priests tell wayward politicians to resign from one or the other
Jill Stanek appreciates Father Pavone's and Euteneuer's stand re the eighteen pro-abort Catholic members of the U.S. House who had the gall to write a letter reprimanding the Pope about their own excommunication. Good item.

UCLA Student Exposes Planned Parenthood Cover-Up on 'O'Reilly Factor'
Lila Rose, an 18-year-old student from UCLA who recorded herself receiving controversial advice from a Planned Parenthood Los Angeles (PPLA), was on the “O’Reilly Factor” news program last Thursday night.

Pro-Family Christians Criticize Reliance on Flawed Anti-Abstinence Report
Naturally, abstinence is a terrible no-no in today's pleasure driven world and this new report is being held up by supporters as evidence to the failure of the nation’s abstinence-only program.

Tap Dancing Around Abortion
Ken Connor talks about Rudy Giuliani's effort to tap dance around the abortion issue.

CBE on Campus - Fun for the whole family?
A blogger's criticism of the CBR's (Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform) recent GAP display. No problem killing kids...you just can't let them see pictures of it.


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