Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Is The West Replacing The Christian Story With Darwinian Myth?

Thoughtful reading here from Dr. John Patrick's camp at St. Augustine College in Ottawa. I attended one of Dr. Patrick's seminars and can say unreservedly that he challenges his listeners to think. He would say such thinking is essential for the survival of our society.
Augustine College president Dr. John Patrick, a pediatrician and retired Ottawa University professor, believes that the “Darwinian myth” is becoming the “ordering myth” for the West, replacing the Christian story, with potentially disastrous consequences.

“Who would you rationally trust when we legalize doctor-assisted suicide?” he asked. “A Darwinist physician or a doctor who believes in judgment after death?”

Darwin’s theories of natural selection, survival of the fittest and of evolutionary progress are making an impact on health care, even though Patrick describes the art of medicine as “very anti-Darwinist” in its care for the sick and the vulnerable. But that is changing as society becomes “profoundly incoherent,” he said.

Darwin’s influence on medical care is especially evident in the “eugenics on unborn babies” through abortion, he said in an interview.

“Darwinists deny any role for purpose in life,” he said.

The Darwinian elevation of progress gives validation to embryonic stem cell research, he said.
Much more in the article.


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