Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pope Says Miracles Hard To Come By In Britain

Picture on the left is of Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife wife, Cherie. She is shown holding a condom at some sort of conference for Planned Parenthood or similar organization.

The PM Tony Blair has been much in the news lately with rumours of his conversion to Catholicism to soon take place. He met with the Pope just a few days ago and everyone was expecting an official announcement, which did not come.

Perhaps it's because his meeting with the Pope seemed to be much more strained than he expected. Given the fact that Blair has taken Britain solidly down a pro-abortion, pro-sodomy, anti-family path for the last ten years I'm not surprised Pope Benedict didn't give the subject of Blair's possible conversion any free advertising.

The day following Blair's visit, the Pope was reported to have referred in his public address to the need for true conversions!

Honestly, these are the sorts of scandalous news items that sustain such superficiality in Catholic attitudes and practice. The more I see the more I realize this is a worldwide phenomenon and it exists in epidemic proportions, the consequences of which are devastating to the common good.

Cherie Blair is said to be a devout Catholic and to have influenced her husband to conversion, yet she keeps her close ties with pro-aborts and he brings England further down a path of contempt for God, life and family.

And where is the condemnation from London’s Archbishop Cardinal? How has this scandal been addressed?

Sorry to say, there’s been no correction made in public circles in order to keep the Catholic Church’s reputation and teachings intact. There’s been such a blurring of what is good and what is evil. Who can blame both non-Catholics and truly devout Catholics from being scandalized by the actions of the Blairs and the inaction of Catholic hierarchy?

And who pays the price for all this confusion, corruption and heresy?

Society as a whole and unborn children.

Is it any wonder the Unborn are being slaughtered in record numbers in Britain?

Updated: Good posting (with funny video) at Simon Peter Says.

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