Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Michelle Asks “Is A Child With Down’s Really Such A Bad Thing?”

Michelle at BigBlueberryEyes writes about Kayla, her Down’s Syndrome child. It’s a moving post.

Statistics point to the fact that 90 percent of women who find out prenatally that their baby has Down syndrome “terminate” [weasel word for murder in the womb] their pregnancy.

Here’s a glimpse into Michelle’s heart, but by all means read the entire posting:

I would rather chose life for my child, even if it means finding out in the end that she can't live on her own, and will only be capable of being a bagger, because at least I will have had the opportunity to know my child, to watch her grow and learn and play and be whoever she is going to be. I would rather have this real person to hold in my arms and laugh and cry with. I would rather have my child here to celebrate birthdays and holidays and first days of school and milestones. I would rather have the joy and privilege of raising her and molding her into a wonderful human being, despite what her IQ might be.

I would rather all that, then to not chose life, terminate my pregnancy - and never know all the possibilities and potential she has to show me; then to never know this child of mine...and when you terminate your pregnancy you're not giving your child a chance ... a chance at life ... a chance to show you who they are and who they can become ... a chance to make a real difference.


"It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish."
Mother Teresa



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