Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's Okay To Kill Them, But It Violates Their Dignity To Show Them

[Ok, just one more posting from the StandToReason Blog. I’m still playing catch-up.]

Just a couple of months ago, Vote Life, Canada! took the gloves off with respect to tolerating indifference [masqueraded as moral logic] towards the murder of unborn children by those who profess to be “pro-life,” let alone Catholic.

Steve at Stand to Reason makes some necessary points. The comments section, as usual, is also insightful.


It's okay to kill them, but it violates their dignity to show them

When pro-life exhibits like the Justice For All Exhibit and the Genocide Awareness Project show accurate pictures of abortion on college campuses, some students claim that showing a picture of a mutilated fetus violates the rights and dignity of that fetus.

This is an odd claim. I'm not sure how showing someone a picture of a mutilated body violates the rights of the being that once inhabited that body. Let's say that the claim is correct, though, and showing pictures in public violates the rights and dignity of a fetus. Then the fetus has some sort of inherent rights and dignity? How much more then, does abortion violate that dignity?

What's troubling is that usually the claim is being uttered by someone who doesn't intend to oppose abortion in any substantive way that will actually help save fetuses. Yet they decry the trampling of fetal rights when we show pictures in public. Fetuses have the right not to be photographed. That's a convenient "truth."



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