Friday, August 31, 2007

"Real" And Principled Political Leaders Come From "Real" And Principled Voters

Over at Freedom Blog, a good posting appeared just two days ago and brings something very helpful to light. I don’t know who Freedom Blog is and I haven’t visited the site before but I do know he/she has a right sense of justice for the Unborn. That goes a L-O-N-G way with me. I’ll refer to the blog writer from this point forward as FB.

Pro-lifers in Canada often share the same sentiments as those that surface in FB's posting entitled “The worst of the worst when it comes to politicians.” FB starts off right away and makes his point.

Nothing bugs me more, then when a politician has a strong belief in something, then has the power to change it, and then doesn't do it for fear of losing support or votes.


…A classic case is Abortion.


… Now if you ask any conservative MP, they are against abortion. They agree that abortion is murder. So why are they not doing more to stop it?

I mean, they believe babies are being murdered.....should this not be the #1 issue this government should be tackling???

I mean we are off fighting wars in Afghanistan, and in our own country we have babies being killed everyday. Should the government not put the same resources into fighting abortion as it does fighting the Taliban? I mean these are innocent babies!!!

Oh........I get it. You might not win the next election if you do that. You have to "move to the center". You are willing to allow babies to be killed for your own selfish political interests.

FB then takes some shots at PM Harper who he characterizes as a weak leader and wonders why Harper is not more concerned about his inevitable meeting with God than about temporal politics. He ends his posting with a reference to “pro-life” politicians.

I can understand a politician who thinks a fetus is just a "clump of cells” not doing anything about abortion. I mean they don't think the baby is a person. But when a pro-life politician who knows better, continues to allow the murder of hundreds of children, and does nothing, it makes me sick. Now that is truly criminal.

I really sympathize with FB but I believe he has too simplistic a view of politicians and perhaps he’s naive when it comes to “pro-life” politicians. Yet I’ve heard the same kinds of viewpoints from many active pro-lifers.

In my comment to the blog posting I tried to point out something which is extremely important for all pro-lifers to keep in mind.

I share your frustration on the subject of politicians doing nothing about child-killing in Canada.

However, they walk a fine line when it comes to trying to properly represent Canadians. I'm not making excuses for them whatever but I am noting that if they are unsure of the level of support for a particular issue they will not be ready to stick their necks out. In an important sense this is only to be expected.

The greater crime is that moral minded Canadians have not banded together effectively in order to send clear messages to politicians. This starts at the voting booth, through following a firm set of principles by which to elect truly "pro-life" politicians.

Vote Life, Canada! has developed a set of guiding principles by which Canadians ought to vote and is seeking to promote these wherever possible. In the pamphlet, "How to Vote Life" these principles are outlined.

Baseless promotion? Not at all. It’s simple reality. Canadians must begin to register their views and concerns about child-killing in Canada through the voting process, and in a more precise, focused manner. Until then, nobody, least of all politicians, is going to get the message and the label “pro-life” will simply continue to be another convenient add-on label to secure a few more votes.

Moral minded Canadians, and particularly Christians, must take a much more principled approach to eradicating the evil of abortion from this land and that means first acknowledging their failure to really make legalized child-killing the priority it is. Preceding such a change in approach, Christians must have their eyes opened to their own apathy—and their complicity—in regards to the holocaust of the Unborn and unquestionably there must then follow a suitable degree of repentance.

Let’s stop blaming politicians, take responsibility for our own personal failures in this regard, and start to mobilize a voting bloc which supports human rights for ALL human beings.

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