Monday, August 20, 2007

Vote Life, Canada! Condemns Amnesty International’s New Abortion Policy

Distributed to the media and posted today to the Vote Life, Canada! website:

Vote Life, Canada! Condemns Amnesty International’s New Abortion Policy and Accuses Catholic Bishops of Canada of Indifference to the Killing of Unborns

Contact: Eric Alcock, President, Vote Life, Canada! 709-773-0700

Toronto, ON, August 20/Christian NewswireVote Life, Canada! expresses its distress at the news that Amnesty International (AI) has adopted a formal stance backing women's rights to abortion.

“Once again we have witnessed a replay of the blindness and indifference shown by Catholic Bishops in the 1960’s when they offered barely a murmur against plans to legalize child killing in Canada which has claimed the lives of over 3 million Unborns to date,” exclaims Eric Alcock, President of Vote Life, Canada!

Amnesty International confessed last year that it was considering a new policy advocating for women’s access to abortion and calling for the worldwide decriminalization of abortion, but Alcock protests that “the tragic, passionless reaction of Canadian Bishops was to simply issue a letter cautioning them against it and warning of a possible rupture in relations.”

“Rather than spearheading an intense and concerted effort to mobilize Catholics against the Amnesty move, they simply spouted a few words.” Considering that Amnesty International has 67,000 members in its Canadian branch, probably a majority being Catholic, Alcock says the massive threat of a national bailout of members could have exercised tremendous clout in discouraging AI from their present course.

Vote Life, Canada! asks how concerned were the Bishops that a new holocaust of the Unborn was about to be spawned by AI. Already about 46 million Unborns perish annually through the violent act of abortion worldwide. Safe in their ivory towers, were the Bishops expecting the UN, or President Bush or perhaps the Pope to descend upon last week’s AI meeting in Mexico City and derail AI’s plans to sign a death warrant against possibly millions more of unborn children throughout the world?

Alcock wonders then who it was the Bishops expected to act against the magnitude of such a worldwide evil. Are presidents and prime ministers, law enforcement agencies, or the UN commissioned to battle, refute and defeat false ideologies and evildoers? If Catholic Bishops are not entrusted with the responsibility to defeat demon-inspired plans such as this, then who in society shall we look to? To whom did Jesus Christ give authority “to overcome all the power of the enemy”? Was Jesus Christ, Son of God, suffering delusion when he spoke those words and commissioned his apostles?

Woe to the Catholic Bishops of Canada who share in the blood of a new and vast ocean of murdered Unborns appearing just on the horizon.

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