Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Good Pro-Life Strategy: Always Take A Friend And A Camera

Vote Life, Canada! has reported several times previously on the news from Aurora, Illinois, where a huge Planned Parenthood mega-abortion clinic was secretly introduced into an unsuspecting community and city council. This story is likely to go national in a BIG way.

You can catch up on all the news here, here, or here.

The title of this posting arises from a report by Eric Scheidler about some of the happenings in Aurora, Illinois, where not only were two pro-abortion advocates arrested for kicking memorial crosses and shoving a prayer volunteer, but also a 17-year-old girl was hit in the arm by a pellet.

Pro-lifers are being encouraged to bring a video camera along with you for

any type of protest that you may be participating in outside of PP. As we have seen, there are pro-abortion advocates who use violence towards our peaceful, prayerful vigils outside of PP.

This brings me to my point.

Since my arrest one week ago today I’ve had an opportunity to reflect on many of the dynamics of that incident. One new policy which will be instituted immediately by Vote Life, Canada! in all its endeavours pertaining to public outings where pro-life messages are being delivered is to always take a friend and a camera or an audio recording device at the very minimum.

Why? Because the “other side,” who once again have proved themselves to be the true extremists, do not play a fair game.

They don’t want the free exchange of ideas—except their own ideas. They don’t want any reminders whatsoever that there are, in fact, opposing viewpoints and the mere presence of an individual with such a viewpoint at an event where they are showcasing their narrow minded hypocrisy constitutes, for them, a threat and a serious violation—one that must be met with police action and with force if necessary.

Yes, it’s “thought control” and the “thought police” must be called in. In order to further obfuscate the truth of the pro-life message being communicated they seek to discredit the individual with the opposing viewpoint using negative, if not accusatory, terms such as “anti-abortion activist,” “extremist” or “right wing radical.”

If necessary, in order to justify their actions they will also resort to outright lies, such as publicizing the individual on television news as a “disruptive protester,” or one who “disrupted” the meeting, even when there is not the slightest shred of evidence that the pro-lifer disrupted anything or anyone. To them, the mere fact of holding a viewpoint contrary to theirs is disruptive and simply bringing that viewpoint to a public meeting is doubly disruptive.

As always, the truth is the very thing that exposes these low-life tactics for what they are. In fact, it’s the worst nightmare for those using such tactics. And nothing tells the truth like a picture, a video or even an audio recording. It would have been very helpful to have a short video of the few minutes it took Religious Coalition bouncer Arnold Bennett and his officer cronies to identify me and have me thrown out of the Press Conference.

You know, just in case anyone really wanted to know the details of how I “disrupted” the Conference.

Or perhaps better still, video of police whisking me away and into the double-caged “paddy wagon” for the duration of the Press Conference.

So pro-lifers, maybe even Christians in general these days, bring your friend and your camera when you plan to deliver a “truth” message for a world gone off track.

One more thing: Be sure your friend doesn’t actually accompany you at your side. Have him/her at the event but arriving at the event shortly before or after you yet close enough to catch anything on film or audio should there be a need to.

Fair is fair, no?

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