Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hands Of Death Become The Instruments Of Reproductive “Health” In The Philippines Where Abortion Is Illegal

A month or more ago I referred to an insightful article on the struggle in the Philippines to resist population [i.e. birth] control and abortion.

About a week ago a report written by Reuters reporter Carmel Crimmins hit the news big. At least I think it was fairly big news.

The report, which was simply another “population control” propaganda piece, featured the accompanying photograph, with a story about Minda, “a masseuse with a difference.”

Indeed. Quite a difference, considering a masseuse is ordinarily thought to be some sort of health care provider.

But Minda’s hands are really the hands of death.

Most women who seek abortions are like Remy, married with several children and too poor to afford another baby.

The petite 44-year old, who declined to give her last name, paid 150 pesos ($3) for a hilot, or traditional midwife like Minda, to crush her three-month old fetus using rough strokes and pincer-like grips on her belly.

Read the story and it’s an all too familiar spin which justifies the worst kind of crime today: the purposeful destruction of the most vulnerable human beings on the planet.

Women’s groups and pro-abortion activists were all over this story before the ink had time to dry, broadcasting their rage at everyone responsible for such preposterous contraceptive deficiencies in the Philippines and such a restrictive policy on “reproductive health.”

Blogger JivinJehoshaphat asked for sources for all these statistics.

He makes some good points, as does the writer of the article mentioned on the first line of this posting.

The Reuters story about Minda was preceded by another similar propaganda piece nearly 10 days earlier written by Filipino columnist Patricia Evangelista. Standard fare for population control, pro-contraception, pro-abortion radicals, it was entitled “Sex, lies and the Catholic Church” and suggested in its conclusion that God should learn to compromise on these matters.

It was encouraging to see a sane voice go on record a few days later challenging the superficial claims of Evangelista.

Catholic Insight carried a short piece about five years ago and it was plain then that efforts were underway to “control” the fertility of the Filipino people. Population Research Institute also carried a couple of good articles with the last two years.

I'm very happy to know the Bishops of the Phillipines are putting up a vigorous fight against a powerful cabal who detest the Church's "control" over the Filipino population. It seems they think they are entitled to have that control instead.

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