Friday, September 14, 2007

Student Newspaper Columnist Uncovers Truth About Contraceptives

The Daily Nebraskan is the independent student newspaper of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Luke Fischer, sophomore philosophy and history major and opinion columnist with, maintains there is a correlation between the use of contraceptives and the increases seen in divorce and abortion.

In today’s article entitled Contraceptives Responsible for Increased Divorce, Abortion Rates, Luke notes

There is a practice that has become so much a part of our culture that we have failed to see many of its effects, yet is eating away at the foundation of our society.

According to a 2005 study by the Guttmacher Institute 62 percent of all women age 15-44 currently use contraceptives (31 percent have no use for contraception due to pregnancy, infertility or sexual abstinence). The same study reported that 98 percent of women in the same age group who have ever had sexual intercourse have used contraceptives.

This widespread use of birth control has changed the social attitude toward sex. It is no longer equated with family, marriage and procreation. We've convinced ourselves that we can have sex without any consequences, and we act like that is the case.

However, such a belief is untrue, and the effects of living this massive lie have gotten out of hand.

The correlation between contraception use and divorce rates is not too hard to see. People are able to have fewer children and have them later in marriage, they are able to commit adultery more easily and it allows communication to deteriorate. All of these things have been statistically shown to increase chances of divorce - and contraception makes them possible.

Contraception was intended to liberate women, but it has essentially allowed men to turn women into sex objects. Contraception turns sex into something done for mere pleasure, and it turns the people participating into objects of each other's pleasure.

The CDC also reports that current figures show almost 50 percent of all pregnancies occur outside marriage (nearly half of which end in abortion). All of this is going on despite an ever-increasing use of contraception among American women. That said, an increase in unwanted pregnancy is not terribly difficult to link to a greater need for abortion.

Contraception is leading us down a dangerous path. It devastates marriages and fosters disrespect for the human person. It is destroying families and thus tearing apart the very foundation of our society.

It is time to stop buying into the lies of contraception so we can reverse these problems before it's too late.


It’s great to see young university minds piercing the darkness and lies of today’s culture and calling for an end to at least some of the madness.

Christian leaders: Please give heed, guidance, and leadership to the Luke Fischers of your day.

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