Monday, September 17, 2007

The Reformed Pastor Trashes NJ Supreme Court Verdict On Unborn

A few days ago in a posting on the topic of attitudes towards children, I noted a link to the story on New Jersey courts questioning the humanity of the Unborn.

Evangelical Presbyterian church planter and blogger The Reformed Pastor weighs in on the verdict, linking at one point to an excellent NRO column, and after a few paragraphs states the obvious

I laughed out loud when I read this. What does the disagreement over the “moral, theological, [and] ideological” status of such children have to do with “biological fact”? As far as it goes, I wonder why abortion proponents continue to argue about this. You can argue about the legal or philosophical definition of “person,” and whether a fetus fits that definition. But biologically there’s nothing else it could be but human.

The New Jersey court cowardly sidestepped the most important question in any discussion of justice for the unborn child.

And now I’ll state something even more obvious. These judges were appointed to ensure justice in American society. But how can justice even be considered for those whose very existence and identity are questioned, as the New Jersey court has done in respect of the Unborn?

This makes their verdict especially egregious and despicable.



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