Thursday, September 13, 2007

Religious Wolves And Hypocrites Gather To Offer Prayers In Support Of Child Sacrifice

City's High Priests Gather at Temple to Support Child Sacrifice, Offer Prayers to Molech

Religious "leaders" who support abortion gathered Wednesday to call for a day of prayer this Sunday in support of Planned Parenthood's soon-to-open Aurora clinic. The "leaders" -- from throughout the Chicago area -- met at the Chicago Temple downtown (First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple), saying they wanted to reclaim the moral mantle from the anti-abortion activists who have been vocally opposing the clinic.

The nine clergy at the Chicago Temple said ensuring women's access to abortions is a matter of social justice and consistent with the lessons of their faiths.

"To deny women access to, and choices about, abortion, to contraceptives, to sexuality education, is essentially to deny them their moral standing," said the Rev. Larry Greenfield, executive minister of the American Baptist Churches of Metro Chicago.
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"The religious right believes that they have heard the voice of God, and they try to impose their hearing of it on the rest of us by law," said the Rev. Ana Levy-Lyons of Oak Park's Unity Temple (Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation). "But there are many women of faith who have heard a different voice of God when they've prayed."


ABC7 has video

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