Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Final Voting Message to Canadians Facing Provincial Elections This Week

Some voters have been asking for last minute voting tips from Vote Life, Canada!, over and above the pamphlet "How to Vote Life" and the YouTube 3 minute voting message. It seems some are concerned about the thought of having to write across their ballots "NO PRO-LIFE CANDIDATE."

This is understandable and merits more discussion. Vote Life, Canada! is working on this concern and will add further guidelines for the future.

At this late moment, the easiest question for voters to ask themselves before they scrawl the above message on their ballots is this:

Up to this point, are any of the candidate(s) on record as having taken any measures—even a clear public statement might qualify here—to save unborn children from being destroyed in the womb? [For new candidates without any political past, it would be essential that the candidate was at least willing to go on record with a public statement that, once in office, he/she would take definite steps to save unborn children from destruction.]

The answer to this question ought to be easy and also verifiable. If the answer is no, then the candidate(s) is disqualified.

And remember, if you believe that abortion is no different than terrorism and that those who are silent on abortion are no different than those who are silent on terrorism, certain candidates simply CANNOT have your vote.

NOTE: This question does not replace the previous guidelines or voting messages of Vote Life, Canada! It is offered only as a last minute guide for those struggling with their vote.

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