Sunday, October 07, 2007

Important Voting Information for Provincial Elections October 2007

UPDATE: Last minute voting tips below.

Canadians in two provinces will be going to the polls this week.

Vote Life, Canada! urges voters to make principled votes based on the guidelines provided in their voting guide “How to Vote Life.”

Vote Life, Canada! has also produced a YouTube 3 minute voting message to Canadians. Please take the time to consider that message before you vote.

For information about the stance towards the Unborn held by candidates in both the provincial elections, please click on the appropriate link below.

For voters whose highest guiding principle is The Golden Rule, please remember that the Unborn are fellow human beings. If in doubt please read this short article.

Campaign Life Coalition Presents Candidate Information for Ontario Pro-Life Voters

Newfoundland and Labrador provincial Election October 9

Final Update:
Final Voting Message to Canadians Facing Provincial Elections This Week

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