Sunday, October 07, 2007

Abusing a Living Child is Worse Than Killing an Unborn One

As a result of issuing this press release on October 1, 2007, and the resulting news coverage by VOCM radio, a visitor named Mark dropped by the Vote Life, Canada! blog to do a little reading and left a comment.

Mark said...

I think you should devote your time to something more important like helping the poor, the sick or the elderly. Instead of wasting your time on something that is a woman's choice. It also makes me sick to hear you say that abusing a living child is not as bad as killing an unborn one. You've got to be kidding me.

Secondly, you and the Religious Social Action Coalition and everything else I read or see about religious groups, proves to me once again, that religion poisons everything. Society has spent the last 100 years trying to release itself from the dangers of religion and you people are trying to set us back. And say what you want about my comments, I don't care, I won't be coming back to this site anyways so I'll never know.

I feel bad for you and your crazy followers. Hopefully, you people will never be in power. We already had the dark ages once, we don't need go through it again.

Probably Mark was serious when he said he wouldn’t be returning to our site to read any responses to his comment but regardless, I’d like the opportunity to respond.

First of all, Mark offered no comment whatever on content of the press release which brought him to the website, i.e. the despicable actions of the Religious Social Action Coalition and the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary in arresting me and locking me up in a paddy wagon for simply having a viewpoint. I presume that he is not troubled by such minor human rights violations in relation to a “woman’s choice” to altogether remove her unborn child’s right to live. Clear enough.

When Mark says, “It also makes me sick to hear you say that abusing a living child is not as bad as killing an unborn one,” I don’t know precisely what statement I made to which he is referring. However, looking simply at society’s present attitudes towards infant children, I think everyone—without exception—would agree that taking and killing an infant child by cutting, slashing or ripping him/her to pieces constitutes a crime worse than the typical charge of child abuse. What’s the difference one week or one month earlier in the womb through late term abortion—which is perfectly legal in Canada and it does happen.

Mark is obviously of the persuasion that childbirth magically confers upon the unborn the status of human being, or more likely he’s thinking of personhood. He needs to answer the question, “What is the Unborn?” No, Mark, I’m not kidding you.

As for the canard “religion is the source of all our problems,” I’d refer him to a posting written this week by a fellow blogger (and pastor) on just that subject. It’s entitled Isn't religion the source of all wars? If more serious address on this phony claim is required, the reader can go here and here.

If Mark thinks we’ve come out of the dark ages into the light, what other injustice from those past ages matches the contempt for life represented by the violent deaths of 50 million unborn human beings in North America over the past forty years?

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