Friday, October 12, 2007

John Pacheco and Fellow Unsoiled Christian Candidates Share Noble Victory

John Pacheco recently ran in the Ontario provincial elections in Ottawa West Nepean under the banner of the Family Coalition Party, a pro-life, pro-family party. His campaign website detailed the progress of his election activities and also featured very interesting presentations all from a uniquely Christian and pro-life perspective.

Yesterday John reminded everyone that his campaign was very purposefully a campaign centred in the humanity of the Unborn [and therefore also the rights of the Unborn]. John’s very bold and principled labours were fuelled by his Christian beliefs, specifically the belief that human life begins at conception, is always a gift from God and therefore deserves the same respect and protection at all stages through to natural death.

These are not new and novel beliefs for the Christian. For twenty centuries Christians have held to such beliefs and enshrined them in the laws of the nations in which they have gained ascendancy. Canada used to be one such nation—but no longer. In fact, not so for quite some time.

According to the figures John supplied, only 559 voters out of about 45,000 who voted in his riding chose to support him. We can conclude a number of things from such results but obviously there were very few voters indeed who identified with John’s worldview and political vision, Christians included. Assuming all candidates including John were equally sane and capable individuals almost 99% of the people in John’s area believed their futures were better entrusted to candidates who had no objections to the current status quo regarding legalized killing of unborn children.

Presumably then, other issues weighed heavier with these 99% and certainly none of them viewed legal abortion in the same league as terrorism or even racism for that matter. Certainly if voters had viewed a candidate as a supporter of terrorism or racism they would have rejected him/her as a viable candidate regardless of views on other subjects such as health care and education.

Since every successful abortion ALWAYS results in the death of a fellow human being, the issue of abortion is like no other in Canada. It challenges and denies the most fundamental right which every human being possesses—the right to live. It is thus remarkably similar in nature to an act of terrorism, the goal and result of which is ALWAYS dead and bloodied human beings, most often in pieces.

The reason 99% of John’s neighbours are oblivious and/or indifferent to this fact testifies to an incredible blindness in our society. Having eyes to see they see not—neither the plight of the little womb children nor their own impending doom. And unless there are only 559 Christians in Ottawa West Nepean, the very elect have also been blinded and ensnared by a deception of gigantic proportions.

Thank you John for your faithful Christian witness. It was impressive. And a similar Thank You to all other candidates whose classic Christian principles were kept uncompromised and front and centre during recent elections.

Those whose votes you received share in your victory.


[picture above of John Pacheco and his four children, taken from campaign website]

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