Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Call from Vote Life, Canada! for Catholic Bishops to Convene Emergency Session is Thankfully Getting Some Traction

The press release issued yesterday by Vote Life, Canada! calling on the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops to immediately address the problem of pro-abortion “Catholic” priests and politicians in Canada has been catching the attention of news outlets and bloggers.

Below are links to some of the stories I’ve seen this morning. If you care about the plight of unborn children, please give this story more attention in whatever way you can in hopes the Bishops will get a taste of the outrage and realize steps must be taken.

Pro-Life Group: Canada's Bishops Should Address Abortion, Communion - Helena, MT, USA
The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) meets next week for its annual Plenary Assembly and a leading pro-life group says they should take up the issue of pro-abortion politicians and communion. Vote Life Canada wants the bishops to call an emergency session to address what is calls an "ongoing scandal.

Vote Life, Canada! Requests Emergency Session of Canadian Bishops
According to Eric Alcock, the President of Vote Life, Canada!, “Just last week, Catholics in Canada were scandalized by the television appearance of Father Raymond Gravel, Catholic priest/politician, who once again unabashedly expressed his support for both homosexuality and abortion."

Vote Life, Canada! requests emergency session of Canadian bishops
As the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) prepares to convene next week for its annual Plenary Assembly, the organization, Vote Life, Canada!, is calling for an emergency session to investigate how priestly actions contrary to the Church, have impacted the Canadian people.
CNA - Daily News -

Canadian Bishops to Convene, emergency session requested, cite Abp Burke
By Blogger Thomas Peters
The organization "Vote Life, Canada!" is calling upon next week's plenary assembly of Canadian Bishops to do something decisive about the recent string of priestly public scandals. They are calling on the CCCB to have an emergency session to address, as they describe it "ongoing scandal and devastation caused in Canada by renegade Catholic priests and politicians.
AmericanPapist: Not Your Average Catholic

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