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Life Issues News—Daily Report October 18, 2007

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Memorial University Students’ Union said to be Delusional For Outlawing Campus Pro-Life Group

Protest in Cincinnati Outside Planned Parenthood Drives City Council to Try Limiting Free Speech Rights

CUPE and International Day for the Eradication of Poverty Must First Target Poverty of the Unborn

Daily news report

WASHINGTON--Brownback to drop out, report says.

Parents Use Religion to Avoid Vaccines
BOSTON -- "It's misleading," Rahim admitted, but she said she fears that earlier vaccinations may be to blame for her son's autism. "I find it very troubling, but for my son's safety, I feel this is the only option we have." Full story...


More than 190 registrations have already been received for the "Current Issues - Future Directions" International Symposium on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide. We only have space for 270 people. Please register early, while space is available.

National Priests' Leader Comments on Execution and Pain
"So even without raising the issue of whether abortion itself is constitutional, could we not halt the execution of these children out of the same humanitarian concern of sparing fellow human beings pain?"

Slain Pregnant Mother Refused to Have Abortion
WINNIPEG -- A pregnant woman was brutally beaten to death and buried in a snowbank because she refused to have an abortion, the Winnipeg Free Press has learned. Full story...

Protestors and Drivers Spar Over Abortion
Abortion protestors from Life and Liberty Ministries took to the streets of Midlothian during rush hour yesterday, holding graphic signs for all to see…Koropp said to protestors along the side of the road. "And you think 4-year-olds and 5-year-olds should have to see that?"

Maine school board approves contraceptives for middle schoolers
Pupils at a city middle school in Portland will be able to get birth control pills and patches at their student health center after the local school board approved the proposal Wednesday evening.

Kansans for Life official lauds 107-count indictment against Kansas abortion mill

The statewide development director of Kansans for Life believes the 107-count indictment against Planned Parenthood of Overland Park is a great first step in uncovering years of alleged illegal activities.

Randall Terry to Discuss Efforts to Derail Giuliani at Press Conference
So-called 'pro-life Republicans' that are endorsing Rudy - like TX Governor Rick Perry, or NY Representative Pete Sessions, are typical treacherous politicians. They have betrayed innocent blood to support a child-killer;

School Approves Birth Control Pills for 11- to 13-Year-Olds

( – King Middle School in Portland, Maine, plans to dispense birth control pills and patches to students between the ages of 11 and 13. The Portland School Committee voted 5-2 in favor of the controversial proposal Wednesday night...

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Ann Coulter Strikes Back on Jewish Issue - West Palm Beach,FL,USA
Korzen shills for the pro-abortion Democrats and the anti-war left. He used the Catholic label to oppose the nomination of John Bolton to be ambassador to ...

A Reply to Susan's Invitation
Can the Duquesne radio station have a program/debate on the abortion issue without raising the problems presented here? I think it can. Must it accept the endorsement of Planned Parenthood (no friend of the Church)? No—it need not, ...
Mirror of Justice -

High Noon at Boston College
By Deal Hudson
Holy Cross is renting space to the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy for the conference, and President McFarland responded to Bishop McManus by saying Holy Cross has "contractual obligations" and cannot cancel the conference or ...

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Bishop may have stirred 'Americanists' with stand
Worcester Telegram - Worcester,MA,USA
They find it largely responsible for the spread of artificial contraception, abortion and the approval of homosexual marriage. In some circles the preferred ...

Texas Governor Rick Perry Endorses Giuliani
John Birch Society - Appleton,WI,USA
... on the day when the Christian Brothers at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School taught that abortion is a grievous moral offense against man and God. ...

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Why the Church is Reluctant to Defend Life
Since the day I became pro-life in the early 1990s, I’ve continually asked a rhetorical question: If the Church is really pro-life why is it that it does little or nothing to promote and defend the pro-life position?

Plan B Law Will Affect Hospitals in Pennsylvania
State House members are expected to vote Tuesday on a law that would require all hospitals to offer the emergency contraceptive Plan B, also known as the morning after pill, to sexual assault patients. Full story...

God and Hillary Clinton, Part 4 - Pro-choice Christians?
By Warren
When I was an undergraduate, there was a group of feminists at a nearby college–the name of which I will withhold–that called itself First Church of Christ Abortionist, which taught that abortion was a kind of holy sacrament for women. ...
Warren Throckmorton -

Scalia opines on faith and justice
Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA
He said that - unlike on abortion - the Catholic Church had never issued an infallible judgment that capital punishment was universally wrong. ...

A Crisis in Catholic Education
Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun - Ithaca,NY,USA
Both of these organizations unapologetically spurn the Catholic Church's teaching about reproductive morality and abortion. ...

Can Children Recover from Their Parents' Divorce
He said that his mom had decided to marry another man, and that he was really, really sad. He began to cry. I could see how much they loved their parents, and how deeply hurt they were by the parents' decision to divorce.

Anti-abortion group in Ontario,Canada
By NewMom
Hey all! Just a little information on the group that I'm involved with. Text.

Justice Antonin Scalia: There is no right to abortion
He reconfirmed his belief that the so-called right to abortion is found nowhere in the Constitution. He said that notion is not guided by his Catholic views but by his understanding of the Constitution and his perspective as a "strict ...

Graphic Slaying Photos Allowed As Trial Evidence
POMONA -- Jurors will see a handful of graphic photos of a slain Cal Poly Pomona student when a trial begins next month for two of the three people accused of murdering her.

National author to speak at local church
Shreveport Times - Shreveport,LA,USA
Scott Klusendorf, president of the Life Training Institute, travels throughout the United States and Canada training anti-abortion advocates to defend their ...

Pregnancy Care (ie, anti-abortion) Center Gets $250K in Tax Credits
"The (Missourii Governor Matt) Blunt administration is sending $250000 in state tax credits to Springfield's Pregnancy Care Center, one of the leading anti-abortion organizations in the region."

Anti-Abortion Democrats Criticize Group For Silence on Child ...
The National Right to Life Committee, the nation's best-known anti-abortion group, isn't supporting the children's health insurance bill, and that has some Democrats upset. Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, who opposes abortion, says the NRLC is ... - All Articles -

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Anti-abortion group makes presence felt
University of Central Oklahoma Vista - Edmond,OK,USA
One of the nation's touchiest subjects reared its hot-buttoned head on campus Monday as anti-abortion group Justice For All set up shop, complete with ...

Texas Governor Backs Giuiani
Washington Post - United States
The Texas governor is also a conservative whose anti-abortion credentials could help Giuliani reach out to pro-life conservatives. ...

Measure Would Limit Anti-Abortion Signs Near Clinic
WLWT - Cincinnati,OH,USA
CINCINNATI -- Protesters gather nearly every day outside the local Planned Parenthood clinic in Mount Auburn, but some of them are worried that a new ...
Video: Protesters Worry Ordinance Limits Free Speech

Texas Governor Backs Rudy Giuliani Despite Differences on Abortion
Austin, TX ( -- Texas Governor Rick Perry, who has a stalwart pro-life record in the Lone Star State, has endorsed pro-abortion former mayor Rudy Giuliani for the Republican nod for president. Read the complete story.

Abortion: A matter of human rights (right to life) or property ...
By Neal Ford(Neal Ford)
Almost to a person, they consider the pro-life movement to be a bunch of religious fanatics, or an intrusion on their rights by the church (which church?) or an affront to separation of Church and state Nothing an be further fom the ...
Quinte Right To Life -

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Dump truck of death
40 Days for Life – Sacramento, update days 16 – 20
Every Thursday the truck from Stericycle -- the business that collects and incinerates biohazardous waste -- backs up to the door of the Sacramento Planned Parenthood at 29th and B streets. There have been conflicting reports, but in Sacramento, Stericycle apparently handles the pitiful remains of the aborted little ones.

School Defends Use of Abortion Video
East Anglian Daily Times
A Catholic school has defended its use of a controversial anti-abortion video which shows images of a foetus being broken up in the womb. The Silent Scream was made in 1984 in the United States by Dr Bernard Nathanson Full story...

Features and Bugs
Scott Lemieux went even stronger to say that "the only thing that criminalizing abortion accomplishes is to ensure that some number of women will be maimed or killed." The trouble with these kinds of cross-national statistics, though, ...
Matthew Yglesias -

Department of awful statistics
I'm still in favor of legalizing it, of course, for moral and practical reasons that I've gone into elsewhere. But the case for legal abortion stands on its own. It doesn't need nonsense statistics to back it up.
Megan McArdle -

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Pro-abortion Chron cites bogus numbers from pro-abortion group
By Owen Courrèges
It estimates worldwide abortion statistics to have declined from about 46 million in 1995 to under 42 million in 2003. It attributes this decline to an increase in countries that legalize abortion and more access to contraceptives. ...
Lone Star Times -

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Does Planned Parenthood reduce abortions?
By Bill Beckman
Well, New York and California are among the states with the highest abortion rates while Nebraska has low abortion rates. Thus, Planned Parenthood's own statistics demonstrate the failure to achieve their claimed results. ...
illinoisreview -

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Parsing Abortion Statistics and the Law
By Ryan T. Anderson
The subject is the new global study on abortion just published by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Allan Guttmacher Institute (the research arm of Planned Parenthood).
FIRST THINGS: On the Square

107 Criminal Charges Filed Against Kansas Planned Parenthood

Vatican Denounces Pro-Abortion Campaigns and the Rise of "Neo-Marxism" in Latin America

New FDA Documents Reveal Abortion Pill RU-486 Made in Substandard Chinese Plant When Approved

New Cardinals
By Robert Kumpel(Robert Kumpel)
Wuerl has all but contradicted the pope's call (when he was Cardinal Ratzinger) to refuse Holy Communion to "Catholic" politicians who persist in their pro-abortion positions as you can read here. There is also evidence that many ...
St. John's Valdosta Blog -

As Alumni rise Up in Disgust, Has a Catholic College Hit the ...
By Defund Abortion Guy(Defund Abortion Guy)
Other pro-abortion colleges like John Carroll and Georgetown could use similar efforts. What's happened: article: Holy Cross hears Outcry For Space Rental Oct. 12 - Boston Globe Read Fr. McFarland's rebuttal to Bishop McManus ...
The Truth About Margaret Sanger -

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Nigeria: NISSMUN 2007 - Corruption of Students - Washington,USA
(Cardinal Anthony Okogie must hear this) Last year Senator Daisy Ehanire-Danjuma sponsored an abortion bill at the National Assembly under the euphemistic ...

The FundamentaList
The American Prospect - Boston,MA,USA
It also suggests uniting around the goal of reducing abortion by distributing contraception -- even though abortion has skyrocketed in the years since the ...

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Man sentenced for causing miscarriage
Daily Press - Newport News,VA,USA
By Peter Dujardin 247-4749 October 17, 2007 HAMPTON - — Daniel Riase got angry when his girlfriend refused to go forward with the abortion he wanted her to ...

National Christian Leaders Have Personal Meeting with Dr. Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee

This 10 year old article from Christianity Today re-surfaced: It’s a good one!
The Dilemmas of a Pro-Life Pastor | Christianity Today | A ...
While there is no lack of voices insisting, "The church should oppose abortion," Pastor Stan's dilemma illustrates how complex a situation can be. ...

Investments In and Profits from Abortion and Pornography Loom ...
By Justin(Justin)
In what might be construed as deceptive policies however, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops (USCCB) have written investment policies that appear to avoid such investments. ...
The Anti-Porn Site -

Justice Scalia - the Catholic not-Catholic Judge
By David S. Cohen
Is Scalia then just lucky that the Constitution just happens to, in his analysis, correspond with his personal (Catholic) views on social issues? Catholicism doesn't like abortion, gay rights, and the right to die; well, according to ...
Feminist Law Professors -

Station Pulls Planned Parenthood Ads
The Associated Press -
Duquesne spokeswoman Bridget Fare, citing Planned Parenthood's support of abortion, said the organization was not aligned with the university's Catholic ...

Abortion Study Flawed MedHeadlines

Report shows global abortion rate drops
Minnesota Daily -
By Lindsay Guentzel global abortion rates have dropped from nearly 46 million in 1995 to fewer than 42 million in 2003, according to a report issued last week in a journal focusing on women's health.

Uruguayan Senate Ties on Pro-Abortion Legislation

New Pro-life Appointment to Control US "Family Planning" and Title X Funding Spigot for Abortion Clinics

Kindergarten Children should be Encouraged to Dance Naked and Masturbate in Pre-Schools; Norwegian Child Expert

Mercy Killing: A Reasonable Request Or Murder?
Euthanasia, sometimes called mercy killing. The very words conjure up emotional visions of desperate parents and children, caring for a loved one or the spectre of Dr. Jack Kervorkian and his suicide machine.

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Trounson's Group Being Investigated for Scientific Fraud [Serge]
Alan Trounson is the incoming director of the $3,000,000,000.00 California Stem Cell Agency. While he chooses how to divy up such an amount for "scientific" research, it should be noted that his group in Monash University, Australia is being investigated for scientific fraud.

Pro-life blogger shares his heart in this posting
What are We Doing? [Jay]
There will be no links to other articles on this post. I will not be analytical in the academic or philosophical sense. I sat down to write this because I am sad tonight…What are we doing?

Breastfeeding smells 'put OTHER women in the mood for sex'
The Daily Mail | There is a growing body of evidence that chemicals called pheromones trigger sexual desire and an urge to reproduce in women

Italy Father Who Wants to Remove Daughter's Feeding Tube Gets New Trial
Rome, Italy ( -- An Italian court has granted a request by a disabled woman's father for a new trial in his bid to remove her feeding tube and authorize her death by starvation and dehydration. Eluana Englaro has been a coma for 15 years after an automobile accident seriously injured her and her father wants to remove her feeding tube.

Justice Antonin Scalia Reconfirms: No Right to Abortion in Constitution
Philadelphia, PA ( -- Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia attended Catholic celebratory events on Monday and gave a speech at Villanova Law School's Second Annual John F. Scarpa Conference on Law, Politics & Culture. He reconfirmed his belief that the so-called right to abortion is found nowhere in the Constitution.

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Afghanistan needs true peace process, says CCCB head

Canada Western Catholic Reporter - Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
16, the bishops elected Winnipeg Archbishop James Weisgerber CCCB president for a two-year term. Weisgerber moves into the president's chair after two years ...

Boyfriend reported abortion
In Lublin police arrested a gynaecologist suspected of carrying out an illegal abortion on a 16-year-old girl. The girl was persuaded to have the abortion by her mother, who even found the doctor to carry out the procedure. ...
Laodicea -

Doctors in UK don't back current abortion law
A new survey out of the UK shows that over half of general practitioners believe that the okay of just one doctor should be enough for a woman to get an abortion. Right now, a woman has to convince two doctors that carrying her ...
Bush v. Choice -

Pro-choice Christians: Oxymoron or a Clinton White House?
By Warren Throckmorton
A female rabbi said that to be "pro-choice" was to be "pro-God." The abortion doctor George Tiller referred to the unholy alliance of George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and John Ashcroft as "the four horsemen of the apocalypse." ...
Blogger News Network -

Contraceptive Mandates Orr Else . . .
The Department of Health and Human Services has announced the appointment of Susan Orr, Ph.D., as acting deputy assistant secretary for population affairs (DASPA). Dr. Orr, who has served in the department for the past six years, most recently as associate commissioner at the Children's Bureau in more..

Reading, Writing and Birth Control?
At Portland, Maine's King Middle School, a trip to the school clinic could mean more than just an aspirin or a bandage. School officials are discussing the idea of offering contraception to middle school children as young as 11 years old. The school clinic has already been offering condoms to students, more...
View the Video Charmaine Yoest, Vice President for Communications at Family Research Council, appeared on CNN Headline News October 16, 2007 to discuss a proposal at a middle school to dispense contraceptives to its students. Press the 'play' button below to watch:
Charmaine Yoest on CNN Headline News (10/16/07)

KENTUCKY--TRUSTEES: Pastors need a tender side, Mohler says.

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