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Life Issues News—Daily Report October 16, 2007

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Vote Life, Canada! Announces Daily News Reporting Service Aimed at Expanding Commentary and Readership of Life Issues

Are Americans Ignoring Sam Brownback—Only Presidential Hope for Legal Protection of the Unborn?

Baby Leif and Baby Kintyre Witness to Canada’s Schizophrenia Regarding the Unborn

Scream Bloody Murder

Are Christians Complicit in Abortion: Are Christians Murdering Babies?

Daily news report

Sign Your Way to a "Good Death?" -- The Soft Slide to Euthanasia
Writing in Sunday's edition of The Washington Post, Charlotte Allen recounted her experience overcoming "efforts to persuade me to sign onto the currently fashionable notion of a 'good death.'"

Premature babies die as doctors 'won't even try' to save them
HUNDREDS of premature babies born in Britain are dying unnecessarily because doctors believe resuscitating them is pointless, a leading paediatrician has warned.

Hillary Clinton to follow Eleanor Roosevelt's words

Democrat relied on the wise words of former first lady to help her through tough times on the campaign trail.

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'Christian' Group Apologizes for Pro-Life Message
A "Christian" organization that provides motivational speakers to high schools has apologized to a school after one speaker made comments that could have been interpreted as opposing abortion and support heterosexual relationships. Full story...

Why Some Evangelicals Won't Vote for Romney

The evangelical pro-Romney bandwagon recruited some vocal conservative heavyweights this past week, leaving behind only a few leaders willing to counter their peers and press the Mormon issue.

Culture and Crime

Steel: keep abortion limit at 24 weeks

LORD David Steel, who introduced the Abortion Act to the UK 40 years ago, said today the current limit for terminations should remain at 24 weeks. The former Scottish Parliament Presiding Officer was...

Winning Battles But Losing the War

He suggested that Prof Dawkins, the author of the best-selling The God Delusion and a leading Darwinist, was a good scientist but a poor philosopher.

Pharmacist Continues Court Fight Against Plan B Requirement
Vander Bleek, 44, a Morrison pharmacist who believes that life begins at conception, is holding out hope in the same way for his legal challenge to Gov. Rod Blagojevich's 2005 rule requiring pharmacies to dispense emergency contraception. Full story...

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PBS Interview with Ron Paul
Transcript: JUDY WOODRUFF: Congressman Ron Paul, thank you for being with us. REP. RON PAUL (R), Texas: Thank you for having me. JUDY WOODRUFF: You are somewhat of a sensation among young people in this country. They are -- you've broken all records for Web searches. You're on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, I guess more than just about any other candidate.

In its groundbreaking September edition, titled "THE RISE OF ATHEIST AMERICA," WND's monthly Whistleblower magazine provides a powerfully eye-opening analysis of what's really behind the current atheist phenomenon.

Religion: Poison or Cure?
Georgetown University and The Ethics & Public Policy Center hosted a dialogue between Alister McGratha and Christopher Hitchens on this question. The video is available here.

On the Trail to Rodham and Gomorrah

So before we go further, let’s put this “pro-life violence” myth to rest once and for all. Even if you focus on the time period during which the most violence was committed against the abortion industry, it is clear that all of this arm-flapping and hand-wringing about pro-life violence is nonsense.

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'Women Deliver' Fails to Deliver

A statue for Rev. Bray

Wilmington News Journal Editor, News Journal: The US Marshal who invaded the Rev. and Mrs. Bray home, and stole their personal possessions, should be condemned. I have known this family for 20-plus years, when Rev. Bray was the pastor ...

India's first women-only political party launched
- India's new all-female political party said Tuesday that it aims to rid the country of corruption and poverty, and focus on women's issues. The United Women Front has nearly 100 members, and plans to induct thousands more to...

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In evangelical politics, a generation gap
Dallas Morning News - Dallas,TX,USA
For many conservative evangelical Christians younger than 30, family values mean more than the issues of gay marriage, abortion and prayer in school. ...

40 Days for Life Reaches Halfway Point

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This blogpost is a collection of stories about the 40 Days of Life in the US. It's just amazing what the Spirit is doing:

Embryonic Stem Cell Study Gets $1.4M
BLOOMFIELD HILLS -- Shopping mall magnate A. Alfred Taubman has thrown his support behind controversial efforts to relax Michigan's embryonic stem cell laws with a $1.4 million donation Full story...

Abortion Consent Laws Also Cut Teen STD Rates

(CNSNews.com) - State parental involvement laws are effective in reducing the incidence of risky sexual behavior among teenagers, according to a new study...

The 'Anti-Children' Culture
By Jared Vallorani / American Vision
Selfishness aside, there are many reasons why the number of children per family continues to decline. Advancements in birth control methods, increases in the cost of living, the change from an agrarian to industrialized society, cultural pressures, and most importantly—the lack of a Biblical worldview—all contribute to a false understanding of the crucial role of the family to the culture as a whole. Full story...

Maltese Overwhelmingly Reject Dutch Abortion Ship

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Duquesne Catholic University President Stops Planned Parenthood Ads

Planned Parenthood's Unseemly Empire
In mid-July the top three Democrat presidential contenders paid their respects at an important shrine on the pilgrimage circuit of party fundraising: the Washington-based political arm of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Full story...

Uruguay Will Vote on Legalizing Abortion Tomorrow

Anniversary: Did he kill her, or was he trying to fix somebody ...
AA Ausplund. She had previously gone to another doctor who had examined her and found her to be about three months pregnant. She'd asked him to perform an abortion, but he'd refused. Dr. Auspland said that Anna was ill upon her arrival ...

Dr. William Schamadan: Sexual activity, by itself, is not the problem
Mansfield News Journal - Mansfield,OH,USA
In Uganda, where abortion is illegal in almost all circumstances, how does their abortion rate compare to the rate in the United States? ...

Killing in the Name Of
That must come as a surprise to the family of one Jane Doe, who was refused an abortion at Nicaragua hospital. One doctor there says: Here [at this ...

Alan Keyes: The Deadbeat Candidate
By Eric A. Garris / LewRockwell
If you have been wondering why Alan Keyes is running for President, I have found the key. Full story...

Saints and sinners
Malta Independent Online - Malta
... advantage to children of married parents with tax breaks, we had a pro abortion doctor trying to make her voice heard on our very fundamentalist shores. ...

A Life Hanging in the Balance: A Mother's Letter to Her Premature Baby Daughter
When Ellis was born 16 weeks early, her parents Sara-Jo Cooper, 38, and Brian Shackleton, 52, faced a harrowing five-month vigil as she battled for life. Here is Sara-Jo's heart-rending diary, written as an open letter to her daughter. Full story...

Is birth control lowering the abortion rate?
Slate - USA
Court ruling: Her doctor says she's fit for normal military duty, and that's good enough. The military plans to appeal the ruling. ...

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Michael Bray and Family Persecuted for Defending the Unborn
Joe Pavone / Calvinist Contender
On October 1, 2007 at 10:30 a.m. Federal Marshals and Sherff's deputies stormed into Michael and Jayne Bray's home along with Planned Parenthood attorneys. For the next 5 hours the authorities confiscated computers, books, and unknown personal items. (via Chalcedon Blog) Full story...

Interview With Rev. Mike Bray on The Political Cesspool
The Political Cesspool
FIRST HOUR: (GUEST) REV. MICHAEL BRAY - Rev. Bray is an author and pro-life activist…the father of 11 children and could lose his home if the Federal Government has their way. Hear his story tonight. The Political Cesspool 10/12/07 (TN)...

Abortion limit under fire
InTheNews.co.uk - London,UK
Also being debated is whether it is necessary for two doctors to give their signature before a woman can have an abortion during early pregnancy. ...

I am unequivocally anti-abortion
By Policraticus
We've been receiving a lot of visitors from the popular blog Feministe thanks to one of its avid readers, Karen (AKA Kitty). In response to a story on the death of a significant number of women in Honduras after their attempt to procure ...
Vox Nova - http://vox-nova.com

Ron Paul: Abortion's 'Unshakeable Foe'
California Catholic Daily
Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who is running to capture the Republican Party nomination for president. Paul calls himself "an unshakable foe of abortion," one who thinks "there cannot be liberty in a society unless the rights of all innocents are protected. Full story...

Right-Wing Naderism: A Totally Excellent Disorder
By Peter
Most recently, Randall Terry, Operation Rescue founder and apologist for anti-abortion terrorism, said something truly shocking (for a far-right nut): "we must deny [Giuliani] the White House at all costs – even if it means Hillary ...

Students: Candidate Ron Paul not 'able to do this on his own'
Indiana Daily Student - USA
According to his Web site, Paul argues against the war in Iraq, favors lowering taxes, holds an anti-abortion sentiment, wants to withdraw from the UN and ...

Should abortion laws be changed?
Guardian Unlimited - UK
... ethical and moral arguments, but in their submissions, most on the anti-abortion side of the debate argue that it is impossible to separate the two. ...

Right on man give peace a chance turn on tune in drop out
By John R. Sutherland(John R. Sutherland)
The pro-choice movement reached Nirvana (sorry, another old expression) when restrictions on abortion at any stage were removed, leaving Canada with open season on the unborn child. Women were no longer fetus incubators and could choose ...

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By jonjayray(Tomalak)
The "abortion decreases crime" argument gets even weaker when we look at data from Canada. While crime rates in both the United States and Canada began declining at the same time, Canada liberalized its abortion laws much later than the ...
Political Correctness Watch - http://pcwatch.blogspot.com/

Youth start sex at same age as their parents, grandparents did
Globe and Mail - Canada
For every 100 pregnant teens who gives birth, another 122 have an abortion, according to the report. Sexual Health In Canada features little new data. ...

Is San Francisco Archbishop an "elderly man taken by surprise" in ...
By Canada Free Press(Canada Free Press)
San Francisco watchers have been abuzz since Sunday, Oct. 7 when Archbishop George Niederuer gave Communion to two members of the so-called "Sisters of Public Indulgence", homosexuals dressed in drag as Catholic nuns.

Pro-life speaker plans visit to Summer Grove
Shreveport Times - Shreveport,LA,USA
Scott Klusendorf is president of the Life Training Institute and travels throughout the United States and Canada training pro-life advocates to defend their ...

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Thousands of Students at Campuses Nationwide Lose Their Voices on ...
Christian News Wire (press release) - Washington,DC,USA
TROY , Ohio , Oct. 15 /Christian Newswire/ -- Stand True, Christ-Centered Pro-life, will hold its fourth annual Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity ...

Comment on Pro-Life Legislation Is Working by Raymond McKinney
By Raymond McKinney
"I hesitate to compare these statistics directly, but even this gross comparison shows that carrying and giving birth to a baby is MUCH more deadly for a woman than an induced abortion. And that's only the deaths caused by pregnancy. ...
Comments for Peach Pundit - http://www.peachpundit.com

Worldwide Illegal Abortion Study Relies on Bogus and Biased Statistics
LifeNews.com - Helena,MT,USA
... numbers of "unsafe abortions," which then enable it to claim that the abortion rate plummets with legalization (and the collection of real statistics). ...

Life Links 10/15/07
By Jivin J(Jivin J)
In the meantime, Deroy Murdock really needs to stop acting like abortion statistics during Giuliani's time as mayor of New York are somehow a reflection on whether Giuliani is a social liberal. I'm doubting he would make this same case ...
JivinJehoshaphat - http://jivinjehoshaphat.blogspot.com/

In Response to Deroy Murdock [Ramesh Ponnuru]
National Review Online Blogs - New York,NY,USA
Deroy Murdock has done more than anyone else to call attention to the fact that when Rudy Giuliani was mayor, the abortion rate fell faster in New York City

Planned Parenthood-UN Worldwide Abortion Study Draws Pro-Life ...
LifeNews.com - Helena,MT,USA
He said it is "based on spurious estimates of abortions and rates of unsafe abortion around the world" and that "statistics for developing nations are ...

A reflection on canon 915
By Teófilo de Jesús(Teófilo de Jesús)
Folks, in light of the recent improper--to put it mildly-- administration and reception of Holy Communion that took place in California, where the Archbishop of San Francisco administered the Blessed Sacrament to an unworthy ...
Vivificat! - http://vivificat1.blogspot.com/

Round-up of reactions to Archibishop Niederauer/San Fran situation
By Carl Olson
Over on the Deal Hudson blog, Marjorie Campbell argues that Archbishop Niederauer has been a "fool for us" and is doing a valiant job of providing witness to the Gospel. She acknowledges that the "Sisters" are a "vehicle for mockery" ...
Insight Scoop | The Ignatius Press Blog - http://insightscoop.typepad.com/2004/

Crisis at Crisis?
Media Transparency - USA
... when Burke, the archbishop of St. Louis, "was asked if he would deny Communion to Giuliani or any other presidential candidate who supports abortion ...

Catholics cannot accept contraception, says Australian cardinal
Catholic News Agency - Denver,CO,USA
In his recent book "God and Caesar," the Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, said a "common heresy of our times" is believing that Catholics can ...

Archbishop of Dublin criticizes Irish who use cocaine and then ...
Catholic News Agency - Denver,CO,USA
The Irish prelate was also asked by The Independent what his thoughts are concerning the refusal of Communion to politicians who support abortion. ...

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Communion for pro-abortion politicians shouldn't be refused, says ...
Catholic News Agency - Denver,CO,USA
In 2004, two years before his retirement, then Archbishop McCarrick stated his opposition to pro-abortion politicians receiving communion, but that he would ...

Former Catholic Cardinal, Pro-Abortion Group Blast Communion ...
LifeNews.com - Helena,MT,USA
... Archbishop Raymond Burke who said he would deny communion to Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani because of his position favoring abortion. ...

Extolling faith-infused politics
Boston Globe - United States
Re: Sam Brownback--Prominent local leaders, including Joseph R. Nolan, a retired Supreme Judicial Court justice and president of the guild, and Sean P. O'Malley, archbishop of ...

Archbishop Niederauer's questionable apology
Spero News - USA
Earlier this year, Archbishop Niederauer stated in a radio interview that he did not know the pro-abortion stance of Nancy Pelosi. If, after two years, ...

Archbishop hits at 'coke Saturday, organic Sunday'
Irish Independent - Dublin,Ireland
Asked if politicians should legislate for abortion in the X case ruling by the Supreme Court, he said he could only support legislation that defended the ...

Prostitution: Legal Work or Slavery?
A Failed Attempt at Defending Women’s Dignity

WASHINGTON--ELECTION 08: Giuliani administration 'would help' pro-choice movement, abortion rights leader says.

High-profile defiance applauded

Worcester Telegram - Worcester,MA,USA
The Rev. McFarlane understands this and favors an open, respectful exchange of ideas. Bishop McManus doesn’t. Instead, the church once again condemns all who fail to march in lockstep with its rigid ideology, regardless of the casualties.

A doctor cannot let his moral judgment get in the way of patient ...
Telegraph.co.uk - United Kingdom
Many Catholic clinicians oppose abortion and decline to assist in such operations. Is this not the same? Why is it acceptable to refuse to perform an ...

Bill would standardize treatment of rape victims
phillyBurbs.com - Philadelphia,PA,USA
Nicole Duda, an anti-abortion Catholic who lives in Bensalem, was surprised to know that even Catholic hospitals offer emergency contraceptives in cases of ...

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Seeking Common Ground on Abortion - Newsweek Society - MSNBC.com
Can evangelicals and liberals come together over abortion, gay rights, and the role of ... Joel C. Hunter, pastor of the Orlando-based Northland Church ...

ABC Story: Child Preachers
By Theoretical
Samuel often preaches outside abortion clinics. He said he knows what an abortion is and that he's seen pictures of abortions. "Women going in and they kill their child. I'll tell you the same thing I told my daddy one time: If they ...

Candidate mistaken for anti-abortion pastor
Jim Grove, the outspoken pastor known for entering his gory, anti-abortion floats in the Halloween parade. Jim Grove said, ...

Atheists less likely to think interpersonal virtues important
By StatGuy
With unrestricted legal abortion, growing abuse of the elderly, low charitable giving, fertility deficit and impending population implosion, I'd say Canada is already paying a price for declining Christian faith. Previous related posts: ...
Magic Statistics - http://magicstatistics.com

H.R. 1094: Sanctity of Life Act of 2007
SEC. 3. LIMITATION ON APPELLATE JURISDICTION -- `Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 1253, 1254, and 1257, the Supreme Court shall not have jurisdiction to review, by appeal, writ of certiorari, or otherwise, any case arising out of Full story...

Abortions just as common in countries that ban it as in ones that ...
Women are just as likely to get an abortion in countries where it is outlawed as ... Note: CBC does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of ...

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Tying Abortion to Millennium Development Goal #5
ProLife Blogs - USA
Let's face it, the agenda to promote legal abortion and contraception worldwide will not cease. Archbishop Dominique Mamberti, secretary for Relations with ...

Pro-abortion doctor explains why she supports 'whispers' in Malta
Times of Malta - Valletta,Malta
Dutch doctor Rebecca Gomperts, the vociferous pro-choice voice in the abortion issue, yesterday stumbled over her words when asked whether she ever had to ...

Fence Erected on Vacant Lot to Keep Out Clinic Protesters
AURORA -- Those wondering whether Safeway would continue to allow anti-abortion demonstrators to rally on its vacant lot next to Planned Parenthood's new facility on East New York Street got their answer late Thursday night. Full story...

Brutal truth of DIY abortion
Times Online - UK
Equally, if said men found themselves in need of an emergency abortion, I don't expect their doctors would chuck some kind of horror-pill at them and tell ...

CTV.ca | Illegal abortion just as common as legal
Women are just as likely to get an abortion in countries where it is outlawed as they are in countries where it is legal, according to research published ...

inquiry asks scientists to disclose links to faith groups
Guardian Unlimited - UK
Some on the committee are worried that unless witnesses are transparent about their affiliation to anti-abortion groups the inquiry will not be able to ...

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Suicide, morality collide on college campuses
A substantial increase in suicide rates among people ages 10 to 24 has been confirmed by recently released statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). At the same time, a UCLA psychiatrist says promiscuity -- which she believes is the root cause of much depression -- is being ignored by doctors who choose to treat their patients with anti-depressants instead of psychiatric help.

Osteen Reveals Keys to Becoming a 'Better You'

Five-part series from Chuck Colson, BreakPoint® ministries on Christopher Hitchens’s new book, God Is Not Great, subtitled How Religion Poisons Everything. Everything is a big word, but I guess Hitchens means it. According to him, “religion makes people do wicked things they wouldn’t ordinarily do . . . the licenses for genocide, slavery, racism, are all right there in the holy text.”
Hitchens's Distortion of Christian History

Morality without God

Is Religion Child Abuse?

A Rational Belief

The Atheist Leap of Faith

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