Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Vote Life, Canada! Announces Daily News Reporting Service Aimed at Expanding Commentary and Readership of Life Issues

Those of you who visit this blog fairly regularly will probably be aware that over the last couple of months we have tried various formats for presenting news reports related to life issues. On occasion we have issued a Week in Review type report or a Top Ten Stories of the Week report. More recently we have tried a daily Pro-Life News & World Review—the latest one being October 11, 2007.

As you can imagine, these kinds of reports consume extreme amounts of time to prepare and have proved to be impractical given the current resources of Vote Life, Canada! However, we believe the information in these reports is extremely important in that it highlights news, events and commentary related to life issues, all of which need wider circulation, readership and discussion. It also offers the possibility of being picked up by other [pro-life] bloggers who will repackage it with their own perspectives and hyperlinks and blog further on the subject.

Vote Life, Canada! pours over hundreds of news items every day in an effort to keep abreast of trends, viewpoints and happenings that touch on life issues. Out of that work will oftentimes flow our timely press releases and developing strategy to defend the Unborn of Canada. Naturally then, this aspect of our labours will continue. But it is a shame that all this work cannot be presented in some way that may profit the pro-life community at large, especially since Vote Life, Canada! is rarely, if ever, able to expand on every promising story from these news leads.

The repackaging of those many hundreds of news items into a selective report with categories, revamped headlines and summaries and sometimes even brief commentary, is what swallows up heaps of time. So a decision has been reached to instead present the no-frills items which result from our news “mining”—exactly as received by Vote Life, Canada! If interested, readers, bloggers and even other news agents can daily scan these items, look further into them and run with them if they like.

We can guarantee that every news item has been screened by us and is relevant in some significant manner to life issues [or in some cases general Christian worldview]. When appropriate, we will flag an item which we think is especially deserving of further coverage. Hopefully someone will pick it up and run with it.

Sometime later on today, Vote Life, Canada! will begin its first daily posting [Monday thru Friday] of these raw news reports. We will do our best to sustain this service and hopefully something positive in our fight against the culture of death will result from it. If, after a reasonable trial period, it seems to hold little promise we'll put energy into more productive ventures.

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At 10:47 PM, Blogger SUZANNE said...

I applaud your efforts. This is a very necessary effort. Lifesite does a good job, but they can't get to every news story.

At 4:50 PM, Blogger ELA said...

Thanks for the encouragement Suzanne! We'll see how this effort pans out.


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