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Pro-Life News & World Review October 4, 2007

New report of pro-lifer sparking response with graphics

Abortion Pictures on Van Offend Some
Janet Spear gets her message out on a 1989 Dodge Caravan covered with anti-abortion polemic and photographs of aborted fetuses. Since January, Spear has parked her "Truth Truck" almost every weekday at the Homewood Public Library, where the Vestavia Hills resident spends hours inside, employees said. The library staff fields at least 20 phone calls a month from people offended by the photographs, said Deborah Fout, library assistant director.

Canada in the news
Canadian Pro-Life Advocates Seek Law Protecting Pregnant Women, Babies
Ottawa, Canada ( -- Pro-life advocates in Canada have been pressing for a law similar to one in the United States that offers both justice and further legal protection for pregnant women and their unborn children. They want a law that holds criminals accountable for killing on injuring both mother and child in an attack against the mother.

Flyer on Pro-Abortion Views of Liberal and NDP Candidates in Essex Ontario Riding Causes Denials
WINDSOR, Ontario, October 3, 2007 ( - Although infuriated by a privately distributed flyer exposing them as pro-abortion, neither the Liberal nor NDP candidates in the upcoming provincial election mentioned in it have denied support for legalised abortion.

Regina LifeChain 2007
Blogger EternaLee reports on the Regina Life Chain. “I joined 300 others at the Regina Life Chain on Albert Street Sunday September 30. Apparently there were more people here than last year, standing for an hour on behalf of the unborn.”

US Conference of Catholic Bishops sought clarification to the obvious
Mark Pickup continues his reflections on disability, Christian meaning and purpose in suffering. He cautions readers WARNING: This blog may offend some Catholic readers.

A Brief History Of Abortion In Canada
Stefan Jetchick
, website owner of Let’s Adore Jesus-Eucharist! and known for his clear headed thinking on all subjects touching the Catholic faith, offers this recent addition to his ever growing collection of articles.

Other news of interest today
New Institute Will Study How Abortion, Euthanasia Target Disabled People
Virginia Beach, VA ( -- Regent University, the Christian college in Virginia, has launched a new institute that will study how abortion and euthanasia are targeting the disabled community. The new organization will examine how the practices have created a multitude of human rights abuses ranging from sex-selection abortions to discrimination.

Irish Bishops launch national anti-abortion campaign
In a statement issued last night at the end of their annual October meeting in Maynooth, the bishops announced that they have joined forces with the English, Welsh and Scottish bishops to focus public opinion in both islands on the importance of protecting all human life.

Michigan Bishops Launch Massive Statewide Stem Cell Education Program - Video Online
In an effort to communicate the Catholic Church's teaching on human life as it relates to adult and embryonic stem cell research, the Michigan Catholic Conference on Monday announced the state's seven diocesan bishops have launched a monumental internal education program that includes over 500,000 Catholic homes and nearly 800 parishes.

When Ecology Replaces Theology
Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., ninth president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary—one of the largest seminaries in the world—asks a question. “Is saving the earth what remains when liberal churches are no longer concerned for the salvation of souls? Have these churches replaced theology with ecology?” His latest blog entry will make you think.

Christianity losing ground among young people, study finds
American youth between 16 and 29 years old are “more skeptical of and resistant to Christianity than were people of the same age just a decade ago,” says a new study from the Ventura-based Barna Group.

what some experts believe
Controversial Catholic blogger Diogenes [“Uncle Di”] blogs on the Connecticut Bishops’ questionable logic “Last week the bishops said the state law imposed a morally unjustifiable obligation on hospitals. This week they say it doesn't. If you don't perceive a change in teaching, get yourself fitted for a miter.”

Abortion Clinic Allowed to Open in Ill.
The latest AP report from AURORA, Ill. — A suburban Planned Parenthood clinic prohibited from opening after anti-abortion activists raised questions about how it received its building permits will be allowed to open, city officials said Monday.

Catholic leader pressures hospital to be pro-life
Britain’s senior Roman Catholic leader has intensified the pressure on a private Catholic hospital popular with celebrity mothers to conform to Church teaching on abortion. Speaking publicly for the first time during the long-running dispute, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor urged St John and St Elizabeth’s in north London to become the country’s “flagship pro-life” hospital.

Law Center under holy fire
Student newspaper The Georgetown Voice reports conservative Catholic groups are ready to fight a new Law Center policy regarding funding for abortion related internships.“The policy is unfit for a Catholic law school,” Daniel Hughes (LAW ’08), president of Progressive Alliance for Life, a student group at the Law Center committed to pro-life causes, said. “It has committed itself to funding pro-abortion legal work.”

Michigan Planned Parenthood Closes Centers After 700K Funding Cut
Planned Parenthood has seen $700,000 in funding vanish as the state Department of Community Health uses a new formula to determine where health dollars go. The new equation focuses on the percentage of clients who are below the poverty line rather than how many clients a center sees.

GE Addresses Ultrasound Machines in India Used in Sex-Selection Abortions
Bombay, India ( -- General Electric held a weekend conference in India to address concerns that its ultrasound machines are being used there to determine the gender of an unborn child and allow parents to have a sex-selection abortion. The Asian nation has been working overtime to try to crack down on such abortions and infanticides.

Abortion as a Front Line in the Culture Wars
The New York Times has a review of Tony Kaye's Lake of Fire, a documentary film about abortion in the United States.

The latest reports on St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke, Vote Life, Canada! choice for the next Pope!
This presidential campaign, Burke's rebukes snare Giuliani
Asked if he would deny Communion to Giuliani if the former New York mayor approached him for the sacrament at the Cathedral Basilica, Burke said: "If the question is about a Catholic who is publicly espousing positions contrary to the moral law and I know that person knows it, yes I would."

Archbishop Burke Right to Deny Communion to Giuliani
Fidelis President Brian Burch commented, "Faithful Catholics across the United States are thrilled to see Archbishop Burke courageously stand up for the dignity of every human person by confronting yet another Catholic pro- abortion politician.

Related coverage: Newsday, Long Island, NY
Archbishop may deny Communion to Rudy

Giuliani Tracker also has it covered
St. Louis Bishop: No Communion for Giuliani

40 Days for Life and Life Chain news

Millions of Americans Will Air Their Pro-Life Views on Abortion at LifeChain
Every October, millions of Americans brave the cold fall air in hundreds of cities and towns across the country to present a silent witness against abortion in the annual LifeChain. This year, thousands of towns across the U.S., and Canada, will feature these prayerful demonstrations

"40 Days for Life" Pro-Life Update
Blogger Oswald Sobrino of Catholic Analysis surveys "40 Days for Life" campaign

Nicaragua Under Fire from International Abortion Activists

Pro-Abortion Groups Deceive Latin American Nations, Hispanic Leader Says
Washington, DC ( -- A pro-abortion group based in the United States has released a new report claiming that pro-life laws in Latin American countries, specifically Nicaragua, are hurting women. However, a leading Hispanic activist says abortion advocacy groups located outside the region are deceiving Latino people

Nicaraguans march against abortion law
The new law had already claimed a victim, according to Pizarro. A 25-year-old woman committed suicide on Sept. 25 after a women's center told her they couldn't perform an abortion; the young woman had been raped by her uncle.

Nicaragua abortion ban killing women -rights group
An outright ban on abortion in Nicaragua has caused the deaths of at least 80 women since it was imposed 11 months ago, Human Rights Watch said on Tuesday.

Re the Archdiocese of Cincinnati decision to support Komen foundation campaign
Catholic principals OK volleyball benefit donations
DAYTON - The high school principals governing a Catholic girls' volleyball league have decided to allow money raised at benefit games to be donated to a charity with distant ties to Planned Parenthood, the league's president said Tuesday.

Two posts from blogger ‘politicaleye’ at on why the current decision is WRONG
More news on the Komen, Planned Parenthood, Fungible Funds, and Brother Joe Kamis
Susan G. Komen & PP - Ask Br. Kamis to Rethink His Position



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