Monday, November 05, 2007

Barbara Curtis, Mommy Life Blogger: What Does it Mean to be Pro-Life?

Barbara blogs at Mommy Life, one of my regular stops. Barbara is an amazing mega-mom and mega-blogger. If you invest a few moments into visiting her blog you’ll see why I say that.

Yesterday Barbara offered a brief report on her speaking engagement at a pro-life annual conference which took place on Saturday and then opens up “what I'm sure may seem to some quite a can of worms.”

She shares her thoughts on her pro-life experience with her fellow evangelicals who she says have been lulled into “complete insensibility” in regard to abortion. She claims the evangelical community has been AWOL on this issue and that her and her husband are “on our way to converting to Catholicism.”

Well, you can imagine that the can of worms was indeed opened up! Just check out the comments box on Barbara’s post.

There’s much in the news about a coming split in the evangelical Christian community. That is in fact what happened about one hundred years ago when “fundamentalist” Christians broke away from their liberal “mainline” denominations and received the label “evangelical.”

When Christians grow indifferent to the truth and become silent on issues crucial to their faith, their brothers and sisters whose consciences remain uncompromised will find other faith communities with which to associate—or they will break away into their own more orthodox groups if their numbers are sufficient. Some, like Barbara, will explore possibilities outside their own community, particularly if they see there authentic expressions of Christian living which are lacking elsewhere.

Evangelical leaders need to be asking themselves some very hard questions these days—for the sake of their congregations but also for the sake of their own souls. Have they in fact been lulled into “complete insensibility” about not only abortion but about other very fundamental aspects of their faith?

And how far can you go before you step over the line?

Pastors, think about it.

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