Monday, October 29, 2007

Great Britain Passes the 40 Year Mark for the Abortion Act—Killings Will Continue

I was alerted to this “reality-check” YouTube video through Blogger Mac McLernon in Great Britain who opens up a big window for us on the current debate in that country over abortion law reform. I touched upon this subject previously in the Vote Life, Canada! blog.

In her posting she describes an online petition which called for the UK government to reduce the time limit for abortions and she signed the petition herself but had serious reservations in doing so.

She points readers to a posting by Fr John Boyle who blogs at “South Ashford Priest.” Fr. Boyle reported that he wouldn't sign the petition, even though the petition is very much in line with last week’s statement from Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor. In fact Fr. Boyle is directly opposed to the Cardinal’s stance. Blogger Mac now says the more she thinks about it, the more she agrees with Fr. Boyle and now she regrets signing the petition.

She also reports that Damian Thompson has weighed in at The Telegraph with his views. Thompson describes two polarities in the pro-life movement in Great Britain, much the same as what exists wherever people fight the evil of abortion.

On one side stand the incrementalists or “realists” such as Thompson and Cardinal Murphy O’Connor in Great Britain, the Family Research Council in the US or Campaign Life Coalition in Canada. On the other side stands the “purists” or “hard-liners” such as the SPUC in Great Britain or the American Life League in the US. There’s much debate over which is the most effective—or even morally correct—strategy. In my mind it’s largely a matter of strategy versus principle.

But that could easily be the subject of another posting.

In any case, read through Mac’s posting and Father Boyle’s blog as well. It will certainly expand your perspective on many fronts.

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