Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Light Blogging These Days—Visit Some of These Links

Blogging has been light lately and may continue so for a few more weeks. I’ve been working on some important projects to ensure the survival and success of the Vote Life, Canada! campaign. Any prayers would of course be welcome.

Here are some stories that I have been following. Maybe you’ll find them interesting and helpful as well so I’m posting the links.


Rick Warren recently hosted Hillary Clinton at his AIDS conference. Here’s one report of the event: Clinton gets standing ovations from evangelicals

And here’s good commentary from today’s Christian Post:
Saddleback's Conference on AIDS Gave Hillary Evangelical Cover
Because Rick Warren is a fellow evangelical and has rightly earned the respect and trust of many in the evangelical community (myself included) I am reluctant and yet compelled to question the judgment of including people on the program who do not support the Bible’s teaching concerning the sanctity of life and the protection of the family.

Mark Pickup has a post up that’s worth reading
Ronald Reagan's Clarion Call to America
According to the US Bureau of Vital Statistics, the year before Roe Versus Wade (1972) there were 39 women who died from illegal abortions in America.[4] Suffice to say that abortion advocates SLIGHTLY inflated the numbers…

You’re probably well informed about the Golden Compass controversy with reporting like this from LifeSiteNews
US Bishops asked to Fire Chief Film Critic over Glowing Reviews for "Brokeback" and "Compass"

Here’s a rather detailed posting from John Borst who publishes Tomorrows Trust, a “web based journal of news and opinion on Catholic education.”
Golden Compass 'review' causes media firestorm
Quite frankly I have never seen an educational issue so intense or concentrated in my years of monitoring education issues. The recent Ontario election debate over faith-based schools did not even come close. It was more drawn out. It never did reach the intensity that ‘censoring’ The Golden Compass has achieved.

And finally, Dr. Albert Mohler adds his perspective. [Great job, Dr. Mohler!]
The Golden Compass -- A Briefing for Concerned Christians

More on the US Catholic Bishops’ recent voting guidelines, approved November 14 in Baltimore during the semiannual assembly of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Here’s a pretty standard report
Bishops aim to shape political consciences

But here’s the best analysis I’ve read on the Bishops’ guidelines. There’s quite a lot of commentary floating around on the subject but Dr. Jeff Mirus of Catholic Culture has made an excellent and very useful summary in my opinion.
How Not to Form Consciences for Faithful Citizenship
I’ve finally plowed through what we might call the U.S. Bishops’ quadrennial voting manifesto, “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship”, released at their November 2007 meeting. Never has a document been so technically correct yet so utterly confusing. As a piece of practical voting advice, it is a disaster.

Family activist says studies show damaging effects of porn use
A pro-family attorney says a recent study confirms that pornography has devastating consequences.

Christian Divorce Trends Fuel Debates

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