Wednesday, November 14, 2007

B.C. Pro-Life Blogger Issues Three Pleas Because Canadian Women Deserve Better

John Sutherland of Abbotsford, BC blogs at johnonlife.

Readers are advised to visit John’s blog often for his very interesting take on life issues. I don’t agree with every aspect of his pro-life strategy, as readers will probably be able to quickly discover, but nevertheless I like his fresh approach in tackling the various angles.

Here’s an intro to John’s latest blog posting from yesterday.


Canadian women deserve better

While I have not been formally involved in the pro-life movement for very long, I've been an educator at the post-secondary level since 1974. People have trusted me as a consultant to address problems and give well-reasoned opinions. I was also a municipal politician for 21 years. I think that I know something about the information that is necessary to make an informed choice. And Canadian women are not getting such information with respect to the abortion question

It is time that women young and old in this country were treated as human beings with brains and critical thinking abilities and not, on the one hand, as people who have to be protected from anything upsetting or controversial, nor on the other hand, as willing partners in something that is clearly wrong. They also need to be taken seriously by our federal and provincial politicians.

So I am about to write three pleas--one to pro-choice activists, one to the prime minister, and one to my pro-life colleagues--with none of the nice academic sugar-coating that I normally employ in my writings. Too many women are being hurt and victimized to always write with equanimity.

Read the rest here.

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At 9:27 PM, Blogger John R. Sutherland said...

Thanks for the plug. Much appreciated.


At 10:05 PM, Blogger ELA said...

No problem John. Your commentary is a much needed and valuable addition to the pro-life culture in Canada.


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