Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Welcome Sign: Bishop Hot Under the Collar

Passion overflows in this news report.

Archbishop of York cuts up his dog collar in astonishing live TV
The Archbishop of York today cut up his dog collar on live television in a protest over the rule of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Dr John Sentamu said he will refuse to wear the clergyman's badge of identity until Mugabe is out of office.
I’ve got to say that this is a sure fire way though to get some publicity.

Can we please have one of our Canadian Bishops do the same thing, being outraged by the ongoing child-killing in Canada?

What’s worse: dictatorial rule in Zimbabwe or dismembering 100,000+ human beings yearly in Canada? Maybe that’s a poor way to frame the case, especially if you live in Zimbabwe, but I think the reader will see the point.

But alas, the Bishops of Canada are more outraged over Harper’s recent decision regarding capital punishment for convicted criminals. Perhaps not enraged enough to cut up their collars, but then again, who knows? Surely there must be something that gets them really riled up.

Canadian bishops call on government to oppose capital punishment internationally
OTTAWA, Dec 12, 2007 (CNA) .- The president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has asked the Prime Minister of Canada to “strenuously” intervene when Canadians face a death sentence in other countries.

What about when tiny defenseless Canadians face a death sentence in their own country? When in recent history have the Bishops ever made such a statement and a plea for the Unborn? Also take particular note how quickly the Bishops were able to get together an official statement—even an official letter.

Archbishop Weisgerber said the Permanent Council was “most concerned” that the Canadian government was prepared to accept the execution of Canadians in other countries. But come to think of it, weren’t the Bishops supposed to reach a decision in that same Permanent Council Meeting on the question of Amnesty International?

AI is already involved in plans to pave the way for countless more worldwide abortions. Aren’t the Bishops “most concerned” about that? No press release has yet been issued on the AI matter and it’s been about one year and a half since the news broke.

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