Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Poor-Choice Slogan: “No Compulsory Pregnancy!”

Once again, abortion advocates must be thinking that most of the general population have taken leave of their senses. And Suzanne, a fetal rights activist at Big Blue Wave, calls them on it.

The feminists make it sound like we fetal rights proponents are sending women back to school to take a "compulsory pregnancy" course, or that we're artificially inseminating them and MAKING them pregnant (or worse, raping them!).


But when people engage in an activity with a foreseeable consequence, they can't complain about that consequence and whine that others have an obligation to sympathize with them. Take for instance hockey players. Hockey players take all kinds of precautions to stop from getting injured.

But they get injured anyway.

Would you sympathize with a hockey player who always complained about getting injured or being injured, or about the game leading to injuries?

Most people would say: what a crybaby. Play in a league with less aggression, or stop playing altogether.

In the same way: women who engage in sexual intercourse and expect to be exempted from pregnancy are setting themselves up for disappointment, even with birth control. Sex, even with birth control, can lead to pregnancy.

But you might say: an injury needs to be treated. Why shouldn't a pregnancy be dealt with in the same way?

Why? Because a pregnancy is not an injury or a disease. A woman who is pregnant has a functioning--read healthy-- reproductive system. She doesn't "need" a doctor to get rid of it. A fetus is not a wart.

And finally, Suzanne drives the ball all the way home.

See, the whole so-called abortion debate comes down to the value of the fetus: is the fetus an equal or not? If not, then by all means, keep legalized abortion. But if he is an equal, then he deserves the same consideration as all born people.

Just to qualify things a little further, when Suzanne asks whether the fetus is an equal or not, I believe she is implicitly asking: Is the unborn a human being? That's what is central to the debate!

Nice job Suzanne!


At 12:57 AM, Blogger SUZANNE said...

That the unborn child is a human being is an undeniable proven scientific fact. The left continues to deny this, but they're just being ignorant.

The question is: is the fetus a person, and does he deserve equal rights?

You have to phrase it in terms the left can understand.


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