Monday, February 12, 2007

Portugal To Lift Ban On Abortions

This is all too incredible and sad!

Less than 50% of Portuguese turned out for the vote, and of those, 59% voted to lift the ban. Even though the referendum was not to be binding unless 50% of the people voted, the socialist PM used this vote as an opportunity to proclaim that the people had spoken and he promised the nation that his party will push through the legislation.

Here we have a perfect example of the power of voting. This was a test of the moral strength of Portugal and the vote indicated that Portugal failed the test. There could have been a decisive vote today in favour of the unborn such that the Portuguese government would not have dared to pursue the lifting of the ban.

But people didn't care enough to go to a voting station. Just 10% more of the population casting a vote for the unborn would have turned the tables.

This is a defeat for the Church in Portugal...a Catholic nation...a shocking defeat. It is the duty of the Christian Church to form the conscience of a nation and here we see a failure of horrible proportions.


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