Sunday, February 11, 2007

PAS: Emily, Do You Really Need To Ask?

National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) recently commented on a January 21 cover story in the New York Times Magazine, "Is there a Post-Abortion Syndrome?" [must sign up]

The title, NRLC says,

suggests the article will address the strength of the available scientific evidence on the topic, which has obvious bearing on recent and future legislation. Instead, what Emily Bazelon, granddaughter of pro-abortion judge David L. Bazelon and the cousin of pro-abortion feminist Betty Friedan, offers is an unconvincing circuitous voyage around the recent and rapidly accumulating scientific evidence that clearly show the negative psychological consequences of abortion.

This is a good article which makes a strong case not only in support of the available research about PAS, but also exposes the very serious bias that is often seen in the MSM (mainstream media) and messages from pro-abortion individuals.

This is an important read for pro-lifers.


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