Thursday, February 08, 2007

When Abortion Escalates (?) To Infanticide

Suzanne at Big Blue Wave makes a simple and powerful point in her short posting. [Caution: picture may be disturbing.]

Many people have a hard time believing that abortion really is about killing. They want to live in a fairytale world where it really is all about pulling out blobs of tissue, that nothing every really gets slaughtered.

She goes on to remind us of the account of Baby Rowan.

Baby Rowan had a face we can see.

Baby Rowan was a human being. A unique human being. Baby Rowan was a person. Baby Rowan, an American, was a victim of an unjust society with unjust laws.

Approximately 105,000 special unique [and faceless] human beings are also purposefully slaughtered each year in Canada because of the absence of a law protecting the unborn.

Finally, speaking as a former embryo myself, I resent the fact that anyone would consider me non-human or non-alive simply because at that time I was a small “blob of tissue.” Today I am considered authentically human and completely alive and yet today I am simply and only a much larger “blob of tissue.” The term might be unscientific but I challenge any other human to demonstrate that my statement does not essentially reflect the truth.


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