Thursday, February 08, 2007

It Takes Moral Spine To Defend The Unborn

The Americans seemed to be so much more involved and pro-active in opposing the injustice of abortion in their nation. Perhaps it’s because there has always been a number of hardcore states with laws protecting the unborn. At least twenty-four states already have laws protecting unborn children from violent crimes and would allow prosecutors to bring murder charges in cases of violence where a baby dies, even if the mother survives. This happened very recently in Texas.

That’s a lot of moral spine in my estimation. It takes moral fortitude to sustain and uphold such laws and conversely such laws help to rightly form the consciences of those residents of the state. Thus we witness the powerful sense of justice for the unborn which animates many American pro-lifers to undertake projects such as this.

A powerful ad campaign [go here to see ads] in Washington, DC, urges people to take a second look at the issue of abortion and attempts to help them understand the extent of abortion law in the U.S. The ads appear on radio, as well as at bus depots and within the DC Metro train system.

Kudos to the American Catholic Bishops on this one.

The Second Look Project is headed up by Deirdre McQuade, director of planning and information at the Pro-Life Secretariat for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

According to McQuade, Americans in general are "deeply ambivalent" about abortion. "They may not call themselves 'pro-life,'" she acknowledges, "but these facts [presented in the ads] will help people understand what it means to be in support of abortion rights -- as opposed to standing in defense of human life and also standing in solidarity with women who are considering abortion."

These are the sort of advertising campaigns that we need in Canada as well. How shocking [but thrilling!] it would be to hear these kind of ads on radio and see them on buses and trains, even billboards.

Canada, let’s get some spine like our American counterparts!


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