Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sorrentino: Profile of a Poor-Choice Warrior

Why do I bother to profile someone who has been called the face of Planned Parenthood and whose real and lifelong passion has been campaigning for women’s rights and keeping abortion legal?

First of all because she’a a valuable human being loved by God.

Secondly so that praying Canadians can pray for her.

Thirdly, it’s good to get a look every now and then at the opposition. This woman is a formidable foe of the unborn.

We want young people to have a fire in their belly about this right … which is under assault from the religious right, from [President] Bush, from the Catholic Church,” said Sorrentino. “The niche of this book is college campuses because it is written for these women. I want to light a fire under their butts so we don’t all of a sudden have a South Dakota situation going on in Rhode Island.”

Until the advocates of the unborn give their lives over to fighting for the rights of the unborn in the same way that women like Sorrentino have given their lives over to keep abortion legal, the holocaust of the unborn in Canada will continue.

Sorrentino is as animated as ever; age has done little to slow her staccato speaking style or her activism.

Get a good look at her drive and her commitment. Can you match it…then exceed it?

That’s what it will take to save the unborn in Canada.


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