Thursday, February 01, 2007

Viewpoints Or Victims

This week Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests For Life highlighted an immensely important truth in the battle to protect the unborn, and one that Vote Life, Canada! considers essential in its various presentations to Canadians.

Perhaps you're familiar with the well worn “issues” excuse of "reluctant" pro-lifers who say, “You’ve got your issue, I’ve got mine. Yours is abortion, mine is global warming?”

In his column, Fr. Pavone addresses the “viewpoints” argument [excuse].

One of the key reasons that protection to the unborn has not yet been restored in law, and that public officials are not making the case persuasively to their colleagues that protection has to be restored to the unborn, is that the problem continues to be presented as a matter of viewpoints rather than victims.

The problem is not one of beliefs, but of bloodshed. It’s not one of viewpoints, but of victims. There are victims being killed by the thousands each day, and not a finger is being lifted to stop the bloodshed, because we’re too busy expressing (or arguing about) our viewpoints and beliefs. The whole topic has become too abstract.

Yes indeed. What practical steps is Fr. Pavone recommending to refocus the discussion?

If a public official says, “I believe life is sacred,” ask them, “What will you do to protect life in the womb?”


Make parallels between the victims of abortion and the victims of child abuse, violent crime, and terrorism. Point out that all we are saying is that the unborn deserve the protection that the born have.

Get beyond words and show images of the victims.

Livesaving column, Fr. Pavone! That's pure 'Gospel of Life.'

Read the whole column or listen to the audio version here.


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