Thursday, March 15, 2007

Crossroads Pro-Life Coming To Canada In May

From the B.C. Catholic,
In 1993 the late Pope John Paul II called for young people to proclaim the gospel of life from the highways and the byways. Crossroads, a pro-life group which has taken that call quite literally and is dedicated to promoting the culture of life by walking across North America, will be coming to Canada this summer.
Crossroads is a ministry devoted to raising awareness of life issues. Their idea was simple: walk across the country in T-shirts that say pro-life on the front, and let the chips fall where they may.

In 1995 the group held their first ever North American walk, trekking from San Francisco all the way to Washington DC, and the group has grown substantially since then. Crossroads plans a Canadian walk this summer which will run from May 19 to Aug. 11.

This is a tremendous witness for the gospel of life. I hope I get to meet up with them, and I pray that God blesses and protects them, especially during their time in Canada.

"It's a pretty challenging prayer schedule during the week, praying for abortion and for unborn children, and for mothers to choose life."


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