Thursday, April 05, 2007

House Episode: Fetal Position

Updated...see below

On Tuesday evening, "House" fans gave a vote of "Superb" to the House episode entitled "Fetal Position."

What were the details of the episode? A full recap is available here but this is a very short summary...
A famous celebrity photographer suffers from a stroke while being pregnant at her early forties. House and his team have to deal with a great dilemma, save the mother or her unborn child.
Not being a TV fan I didn't see the show on Tuesday but I was interested to hear about the theme and the rumour that it ended on a very positive "pro-life" note. So I emailed a little to see if I could find video that might be useful in the future. I was not able to locate video but today the LTI blog posted a video of fetal surgery which appeared on TLC a few years ago.

It clears the air about the possibility of the unborn child reaching out to hold House's finger, but the real life drama involved in the scene is nevertheless very legitimate. The stakes are always high for the unborn child who rarely makes it into the operating room, as happened in this episode, being subject to the great prejudice and injustice of society , as exemplified by House's first reaction to the mother's dilemma, "Get rid of it. It's a parasite."

The more of these messages which make in to the airwaves, the better for the unborn.

Update: Jill Stanek blogs on the House episode, linking to some other pro-life blogs who have posted.

More here and here.

Jay at LTI Blog questions the celebrations.

YouTube has the video.


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