Saturday, April 21, 2007

Please Pray For This Young Woman

Those who are pro-child killing will tell you that this rarely, if ever, happens. They'll maintain that PAS (post abortion syndrome) is simply a pro-life invention and tactic to scare women from killing their unborns.

Stories like the one below happen constantly and it would be impossible to blog about them all the time. But to share one occasionally is important. This one surfaced yesterday on a Catholic forum. Please pray for this angry, hurting and betrayed woman.

Back when I was 20 yrs old I had an abortion. At that time I was not Catholic (as my mom didn't want to "inflict" her religion on me) and the baby's dad wanted me to have an abortion. "There will be more babies" he said. I knew in my heart it was wrong, but I was so scared. We just got together after I had been with my previous boyfriend for 4 years.

Fast forward. Broke up with my aborted baby's dad. We stayed together for 3 years and even got engaged. I just couldn't forgive him. He also cheated on me 2 years into the relationship. He was an atheist. Met and married my husband at 25. Learned more about the Catholic Faith and was baptised before our marriage. Tried for years to have a child and had to end up using fertility medication. I now think about the abortion and my lost baby constantly. I found myself crying more and more.

I wish I had had the strength to keep the baby. I am horrified at what I did. I am MAD at the baby's dad, I am MAD at my stupid mother who never raised me to value life (she told me she aborted my youngest brother/sister because there was a chance that the baby was abnormal). She was totally into that GARBAGE feminism crap.

I am MAD at the abortion doctor who seemed so NICE and happy at having another patient to tear their child away from them. I am MAD that the abortion didn't initially work and I had to go back for ultrasounds and blood tests to make sure "they got the baby". I am horrified this genocide is occurring every day and the PRO LIFE movement is so misrepresented. I feel such disgust at myself.

Please help me to start healing. I can't talk with anyone I know (my husband does know about my abortion). I feel so angry right now.

I want to go back and change my decision. I want to stop what I have done. How can I ever undo killing my own baby? I feel such sadness and despair and this is 13 years later. Please help me.

13 years later.

It does take time for the horrible reality of child killing to work its poison throughout a woman's soul. And since 1969 Canada has facilitated 3 million of these violent deaths, with their attendant grief and distress. Multiply that by the number of close family and friends touched by the pain of the mother and you get a glimpse of how abortion is wrecking Canada...our present and our future.

How could we have tolerated so much evil for so long?


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