Friday, April 20, 2007

Stem Cells And The Abortion Distortion Factor

Mark Crutcher, no-nonsense radical pro-lifer of Life Dynamics in Texas, offers an excellent take on the distortions and deceptions of embryonic stem cell research.

Mark suggests a hypothetical scenario and makes his point from there:
To appreciate that science unfettered by morality is the most evil and dangerous force on earth, imagine that a team of researchers has developed a drug that would cure cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

This miracle drug is produced from a chemical found in healthy people between 15 and 55 years old and the amount needed to treat the entire country would require only about 500 donors per year. Additionally, clinical trials prove that the drug is 100% effective and perfectly safe.
His scenario is an effective one and leads to this conclusion:
Today, some people are trying to rationalize using aborted embryos in medical experiments by suggesting that it is a way to “make something good come from abortion.” They argue that these children are either already dead or that they are going to be discarded whether we exploit them or not. The moment we buy into that philosophy, we become absolutely no different than the Nazi thugs who stole the gold fillings from the teeth of Jews they killed in their concentration camps.

The point is, it is morally repugnant that we slaughter unborn children in the first place, and when we rob their graves to make our lives better we disgrace ourselves even further. So, if the question is whether we should “discard” these dead babies instead of using them in medical experiments designed to benefit us, the answer is an unqualified yes. We have no right to profit from our own evil.
But beyond the evil principle of seeking to profit from our own evil is Mark's final piercing assessment:
Finally, let me make one thing perfectly clear. This myopic focus on embryonic stem cells is about finding a way to justify abortion. If that is not true, then you explain to me why all the hype is about embryonic stem cells when all the medical breakthroughs have come from adult stem cells.


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Thank you for the information. I am in the dark and I need a light to be shown on this subject.


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