Monday, April 30, 2007

Priests, Women, Abortions And Healing

"Priests can open the road to healing for women who have had abortions" says Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life.
We first of all need to let people know that forgiveness and healing are available after abortion. Many regard abortion as an "unforgivable sin." Our preaching and teaching need to echo and re-echo the message that the doors of the Church are open to anyone who has been involved in abortion, whether once or many times, and that to oppose abortion does not mean to oppose those who have them.

Rather, it means to embrace them in love and bring them new hope.
Some priests feel that the presence of women in the congregation who have had abortions is a reason to be silent about it. Just the opposite is true, however, because as we have seen, the first step to healing is to break out of denial. Silence motivated by the best of intentions still does not interpret itself, and the woman suffering from abortion may think we are silent because we do not know her pain, do not care, or have no hope to offer. In truth, however, we speak because we do know, do care, and do offer hope.
FYI, Priests for Life has a very comprehensive and useful pro-life website. It is updated daily and you can quickly view the updates here.

Just last week Father Pavone applauded the remarks made Monday by Vatican Archbishop Angelo Amato and his organization challenged every priest and pastor in America to repeat from the pulpit the Archbishop's language regarding abortion.

Canada also has its own Priests For Life organization, found online here.


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