Thursday, April 26, 2007

Corus Entertainment Bullies Pro-Life Alliance For Life

Read this report from yesterday's edition of entitled "Ontario Pro-Life Group Harassed by TV Ad Bureau Over Previously Approved Ad."

In a follow up email, fetal rights advocate Suzanne Fortin makes a plea:

This is an ideologically motivated attempt to censor Alliance for Life. Fetal surgeries are performed in Ontario, it says so here at the University of Toronto website:

I could not find an email for Corus Entertainment, but we can write CHEX tv and tell them to pass on the information to Corus. We can also email the Television Bureau of Canada.

Funny, you can say half-truths about a host of products, and no one bats an eye, but challenge established ideology...

Please email these addresses and tell them to broadcast the "Nurse" ad. Tell them to STOP CENSORING pro-lifers.

ChexTV General Manager Ron Johnston:

Television Bureau

Don't forget to reference the Lifesite article:

Please do this. I am certain that if we all write in and tell them how this has lowered our opinion of Corus Entertainment, I am sure they will back down. But we need to ALL do it. We've won before with the pro-life ads in the Niagara area radio station-- I am certain we can do it again.

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