Monday, April 23, 2007

A Plan To Save The Unborn In Canada

“Bad politicians are elected by good people who don’t vote.”

It is clear to biblically minded Christians that Canada has departed from moral and righteous standards and has deprived itself of much of God’s protection and blessing. This ought to be a cause for the greatest concern for us, for our children, and for generations of Canadians to follow.

By everyday observation, we see a vast array of immoral agents which have overtaken Canada, such as abortion, sexual perversion, pornography, drugs, divorce, and suicide to name a few. Some Christians ask what they can do to deal with such evils and to get Canada back on course.

It is first crucial to put the evils mentioned in proper perspective. If abortion is in fact taking hundreds of thousands of innocent human lives in Canada—if in fact such activity is the discriminate killing of an distinct and separate group of society’s most innocent and vulnerable members—would there be any question as to which evil first needs addressing in Canada? If you have attended a Vote Life, Canada! seminar or presentation you will know that a powerful case is made for just such a scenario.

Given such a scenario, would there be any doubt as to why Canada continues to slide further and further into a moral abyss? Would there be any question for the Christian as to what God first required of him/her? Of course not. Saving innocent human lives, especially young children, would take on emergency status, wouldn’t it?

Interestingly, the solution to our societal ills is much closer at hand and much clearer than many Christians realize. A determined effort to eliminate the greatest injustice and evil in present day Canada, namely the killing of unborn children, will at once yield a solution to many of our other distresses, which, not by coincidence, have ravaged Canada incessantly and increasingly since the door to legal abortion was swung open.

Furthermore, no Christian should doubt the significant resurgence of God’s blessings upon Canada should His people repent of their complicity and indifference in the matter of abortion and take the necessary steps to protect unborn children from such atrocity.

Beyond repentance, what are these necessary steps?

Consistency in Christian living through the wise exercise of the Christian’s vote.

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