Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Is Our Religion In Canada Pure And Undefiled?

Pure and undefiled religion is this, to visit widows and orphans and keep yourself unstained from the world... James 1:27
James makes it clear (among other things) that God has a unique concern for orphans. Since God compels believers to care for children whose parents have been killed, wouldn't He also compel us to care for children whose parents want to kill them? By all reasonable examination, that's a more dangerous and urgent condition to be in.

James says to visit the widows. Visit the orphans. Get up. Get out. Do something in the service of love to alleviate suffering in the lives of those around you. Isn't James warning us not to be so 'spiritual' in our Christian life that we write off the daily slaughter of thousands of innocent human beings as a political issue (beyond our jurisdiction)?

Yet he's also warning against becoming so 'worldly' in intervening for them that we lose sight of the bigger picture (reconciling people to Christ through holiness and love). This balance is the essence of pure and undefiled religion.

[condensed from A Biblical Mandate to do Something]


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