Monday, April 30, 2007

"Just Kill Them" Is Not A Solution

Okay, lets return to the primary question here. What are the unborn? If they are innocent human beings then this article describes a grisly reality being ushered in from the most admirable and understandable sentiments. If they are innocent human beings then Matthew and Helen are actually killing a number of their children as a means of preventing them from enduring a possible future trauma, however likely that trauma is to occur. If they are innocent human beings the British government is sanctioning the destruction of human life to prevent the possible future suffering of that life.
Jay at LTI blog draws disturbing but reasonable conclusions from a Times Online article about two British couples that are screening their embryonic children for genetic markers. The markers indicate a dramatically increased chance for an aggressive form of adult onset breast cancer.

The posting highlights the need for ethics and objective thinking, as well as deep courage and character, in these kinds of apparent dilemmas.


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