Friday, May 18, 2007

Witness To Life Petition

John Pacheco, SoCon or Bust, has prepared a petition to His Grace Bishop James Wingle, President, Ontario Catholic Bishops Conference.

The petition arises out of the Bishop's correction of Premier Dalton McGuinty, a Catholic who publicly supports abortion.

The text of the John's petition appears below.

Suzanne Fortin of Big Blue Wave has created a similar relevant petition at Please take a minute and click through to the site and add your name if you are a Canadian and if you agree with the petition.


Your Grace, We would like to commend and applaud you for your recent correction of Premier Dalton McGuinty regarding his public support for abortion, as reported by LifeSiteNews.

And although we believe it is important that you and the other bishops continue to correct these public figures and encourage them to abide by their faith, it is equally important for you take action and discipline them when they obstinately refuse to abide by that faith. The Code of Canon Law of the Catholic Church (Canon 915) makes it clear that
"those who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to Holy Communion."

The solemn duty and obligation of ensuring that the Church's teaching and laws are respected by all of the faithful in both their public and private lives is the responsibility of the bishops. And yet, these public scandals by so-called Catholic politicians continue on year after year, and decade after decade with only token words and empty warnings from our bishops.

For forty years now since Pierre Trudeau, the Canadian faithful have had to endure this scandal from these political schizophrenics who have compartmentalized and ghettoized their faith out of the public arena to the point where scandal is more common place than a rare occurrence.

Your Grace, you are, first and foremost, our father in the faith. One of the principle duties of a father is to discipline. This discipline is necessary so that the family is not scandalized by deviant behaviour, and that each individual member of the family recognizes and respects the authority that has been given to the father. Where there is no discipline in the family, the children assume that the father cannot be serious about either his position in it or, for that matter, that which he seeks to defend.

It is time, your Grace, for the Bishops of Canada to heed Pope Benedict's message to the Mexican bishops and defend the honour of the Church and the Holy Eucharist by taking action against so-called Catholic politicians who continue to thumb their nose at the Church's solemn magisterium.

Mr. McGuinty is a wayward Catholic. He, and indeed all so-called Catholic politicians, need to be confronted with real consequences if they obstinately persist in supporting the slaughter of the innocents.

We are therefore asking you, as a representative of the bishops of Ontario, to inform Mr. McGuinty, who has long maintained the heresy that he espouses with full knowledge of what the Catholic Church teaches, that he must renounce his public position on abortion or else refrain from partaking of Holy Communion.

We are not asking for much, your Grace. We are merely asking you to do what you have been commissioned to do as father and teacher: defend our family, defend our holy faith, and most importantly in this instance, enforce the law.

Yours in Christ the King,

John Pacheco

Catholic Activist


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