Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gerry Falwell Lived What He Said He Believed

Rev. Gerry Falwell passed away yesterday at 73 years old. The media, as well as bloggers, are having their say. It seems Falwell was the kind of man you loved or hated.

In my judgment it's too bad Canada did not have a Gerry Falwell and a Moral Majority twenty years ago. He was a true friend of the Unborn and unlike the majority of Evangelicals of his time [and our time] he believed the Holy Scriptures regarding the sanctity of human life. He not only said so but he also acted like he believed it.

Somewhere in my review of all the farewells to Rev. Falwell, I read one of his editorials from 2002 entitled "Proudly Pro-Life." It says a lot to me, particularly since Falwell's words were backed up again by actions.

Canada is ready for serious political involvement by Christians and primarily at the most basic level of voting. Just as Falwell mobilized the Christians of America and changed the moral and political landscape, we can and must do likewise here in Canada.

In fact, we must do even better than he did if we are to see justice for Canada's Unborn. Let's get mobilized and get on with it.


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