Monday, May 14, 2007

Lineup For Life

Re genocide pictures...not on this posting.

Sometimes a list is the only way to cover important ground.

Georgia looking to pass 'Paramount Right to Life' amendment A Georgia mother is working with state lawmakers on a measure that has one main goal: the total elimination of abortion in America.

Reports from World Congress of Families IV, Warsaw, Poland
  • LifeSiteNews report here
  • Vital Signs Ministry reports on Warsaw Congress

Reporting on CBR's most recent Genocide Awareness Project: Portland, Oregon Pro-Life Activists Send Shock Troops to PSU Really great background on this story here.

Pro-Choice blogger blows off the GAP as no big deal.

Evangelical Mega Church pastor Rick Warren in the news again on the subject of abortion.

Well, not exactly. He's talking about a wonderful national plan for churches to get involved with adoption, but I have a problem with him criticizing those groups who he says have the "narrow" focus of merely speaking out against the crime of child killing. Does that mean we can't pronounce judgments on thieves just because we don't offer them good jobs and guaranteed income?

Smarten up Pastor Rick. We expect better from the author of "The Purpose Driven Life."

According to the National Abortion Federation, all Canadian doctors should be forced to perform abortion. Ted Byfield does a nice job with perspective.

In the London Free Press Rory Leishman writes: Canada's abortion laws shameful.

A blogger with definite thoughts on making abortion "safe, legal and rare." We need more Canadians with definite thoughts on child killing and how to stop it.

Albert Mohler reports on the parents of Down Syndrome children who have launched a crusade for Life. RealChoice blogger looks at the story too.

Big Blue Wave is specializing in video content these days. She must have shares in You Tube. She talks about a unique new video by John aka The Aborted Artist.

Blogger exposes lies and more lies from Planned Parenthood.

Dawkins is definitely overrated, and now he's stumped. One day God may see to it that he loses his mind altogether, that, like the great King of Babylon, his soul might be saved.


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