Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pope Arrives In Brazil-Abortion Debate Heats Up

I hope you'll be able to follow the news coming out of the Pope's visit to Brazil over the next five days. It is certain to be a visit centred almost entirely on the battle to make the killing of unborn children legal.

Perhaps you are not Catholic and you wonder what good it will do for you to follow these developments. I say simply: Give the news a reasonable amount of your attention and it will surprise you what you'll learn over these next few days. I am certain it will benefit you in your efforts to understand the social dimension of abortion which is never far from the spiritual.

I hope all Christians will consider taking advantage of this rare opportunity to deepen their insight and strengthen their opposition to the holocaust of abortion.

This New York Times report indicates the Pope stepped immediately into the middle of the controversy upon his arrival today in Brazil:
Upon his arrival at São Paulo’s international airport, the pope said in a speech that the church "will not fail to insist on the need to take action to ensure that the family, the basic cell of society, is strengthened," according to Reuters. And he reiterated his firm opposition to abortion.

The controversy over Brazil’s abortion policy began on Monday, when Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the president of Brazil, said in a radio interview with Roman Catholic radio stations that he was of two minds on abortion. Though personally opposed, he said, as president he believes that “the state cannot abdicate from caring for this as a public health question, because to do so would lead to the death of many young women in this country.”
The article notes that Brazil currently performs between one and two million abortions illegally. If abortion becomes legal in Brazil, imagine the horrible toll of death that will follow.

God help the unborn children. God help the people of Brazil.


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