Wednesday, June 13, 2007

May Edition Of The Interim Has Some Good Reading

Is Canada Disappearing?
If demography is destiny, this country is in trouble

Commentary by Paul Tuns
Interim Editor
In March, Statistics Canada released a report on Canada’s population that provided a very sobering picture. Well, it would be sobering, if Canadians woke up to the reality that we are not having enough children and that in doing so, we risk radically changing this nation.

Abortion and contraception: old lies

Pete Vere
The Interim

Growing up Catholic, I knew theologically that my church forbade abortion and contraception. Although the church’s stand on abortion was self-evident in my opinion, I didn’t really understand why she took such a hard line on contraception until I found myself judging annulment cases on a Catholic marriage tribunal. With few exceptions, I could trace every marital breakdown to the couple saying “no” to the fertility with which God had blessed them.

Peace starts by ending abortion
Janelle Brodner
Special to The Interim

This is one of three co- winning essays on abortion by high school students.

Responding to the myth about ‘social peace’ on abortion

Writing in the Ottawa Sun April 9, Carleton University political science grad Jordan Michael Smith jammed many leaps of logic, cherry-picking of polls and fallacious arguments to make the case that abortion is a settled issue in Canada. Here is an enumerated list of problematic arguments and a rebuttal of them.

Giant cross commemorates victims of abortion


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