Friday, June 15, 2007

On The Double Standards Of Allowing The Murder Of Unborns

From the Stand to Reason Blog

Mother Won't Be Charged With Murder

Murder charges against USC student Holly Ashcraft who left her newborn baby's body in a dumpster were dropped this week because of a technicality. This is the second time in the last few years she has been suspected of this kind of murder, though they never found the body of the first baby. She claimed the babies were stillborn.

This was the technicality:

Last March, a judge dismissed the murder charge and said prosecutors could proceed only on lesser charges. Instead, prosecutors had the case dismissed [against the lesser charge] and filed the murder charge [again]. Mayerson had tentatively ruled against a motion to throw out the case. But Tuesday, he said charges in the case had been dismissed twice, and that's the limit under state law.

This isn't big news, apparently. It was difficult for me to find comprehensive information about this. I was tipped off to the story by local radio talk show host John Ziegler. And even he, a person who would not refer to himself as being particularly pro-life, made a connection between the lack of outrage in this case (which appalled him) and people's views on abortion.

As he pointed out, in order not to tread on abortion rights, we're developing this weird belief as a society that if a mother kills her own child, then that's really not so bad. But ask yourself how the media and the justice system would have reacted had she killed someone else's child, and the ridiculousness of this double standard becomes clear. You have a murdered human being either way. Does that fact change, depending on who killed him?

Justifying the evil of abortion inevitably leads to justifying more evil.


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