Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Forced To Choose: A Letter To The Doctors Of Canada

4MYCanada has a new online magazine.

One of the articles in 4MYC The Mag is from Cindy Lynne Kieffer. She tells her story of abortion by way of a letter to the doctors of Canada.

It's a strong indictment against their approach.

Here's her closing paragraph.
In retrospect I can say that I was forced against my will. I was not cared for as a person by the doctors but seemed to be a drive-by victim of their precepts with no genuine regard for my own will. I know for certain I was not given all the facts that I needed to make a healthy choice; the following 10 yrs I have lived are a proof of this. I am now beginning to share my story more openly, and I know that my case is not an isolated one and this too disturbs me. It seems the pro-choice perspective is not really interested in choice. I will always know I wanted to be a mother to that child. I do not know where you stand on these things or if you have the openness of mind to consider my story without writing it off as fanatical or freak, but I ask you now as a medical professional please remember my story as you perform your respected duties, and may it help you to make stronger decisions for a healthier Nation.

Read the whole letter if you need more proof of medicine out of control and brutally uncompassionate.


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