Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mozambique Set To End Its Blanket Ban On Abortion

One by one, the nations of the world are falling prey to the demon of abortion.

The nations of Africa have been under intense pressure and it looks like Mozambique will be the next to make peace with the devil.

While reading this report I was struck by how often the phrase "fell pregnant" occurred. Is that like "fell victim," or "fell sick," or "fell prey to?"

NEWS ALERT!!! Pregnancy is not like being attacked unexpectedly by a criminal, nor is it like accidentally being struck by a car, nor is it like getting sick with a virus. You engage in sexual relations and you get pregnant. It's the only way it can happen and it's no accident. That's precisely the way God intended for a woman to get pregnant. It's not a disease to be pregnant nor is it a sign that something went wrong. It is an indication that things are working well.

When people speak of pregnancy in these ways, it's an indication that something is seriously WRONG WITH THEM!!! They stand in opposition to God and the natural order which God instituted.

The woman interviewed in this report was the direct cause of her daughter's death because she herself set up the meeting with the witchdoctor-nurse and her daughter had a violent reaction to the drugs given her and died. So instead of coming to grips with her own sin, all she can talk about is making abortion legal.

Last year, according to the report, 100 women in Mozambique died due to illegal abortions.

So what's the answer? Make it legal so that no mother dies?

Ok, no dead mothers. That's good. But instead, THOUSANDS of unborn children will die. Is that a fair trade?

Apparently so.

Don't forget these thousands of mothers who will also bring spiritual death upon THEMSELVES as a result of killing their Unborns. Don't forget the thousands of boyfriends, husbands and family members who will also be accomplices in these murders and may lose their souls over it. And then there's also those in the hospitals and "health care" system who directly kill the babies.

Mozambique: You are already so impoverished! Why do you want to further tear apart the fabric of your society?

But no matter! What really matters is that those who are outside the womb--living as adults--have all the power. The Unborn have no power. And therefore those with the power will KILL the powerless because it suits their selfish purposes and lifestyle.

Ultimately then, because THEY CAN, THEY WILL! --and now with impunity once the laws make such crime legal.

Sadly, a nation comprised of 33% Catholics falls for the devil's lie. The thief has broken through the gates and now he seeks to rob and to kill.

Where is the salt? Shame on the Church! Shame on the Bishops! They simply have not done enough.


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